Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 2010

Well when I started this post I said we are almost a month behind & now I am a month behind! So much for being better about blogging! Seems like we have been so busy, there just hasn't been time. Racheal is still playing soccer. They have there last game on the 30th & then awards ceremony that afternoon. A few weeks ago Barb, Jana, Julie, Natalie, Meemaw & Kim all came to watch her play & they actually won their first game. They were so excited. They have improved so much since the beginning.

Rylie, Reese & Ryan watching sissy play soccer!

Hopefully someday we are wanting to turn the playroom into 2 bedrooms & a bath for the girls. Racheal is so excited about it. I have drawn up the plans & working on getting estimates. Now we just need the money. Anyway we have been going through toys & Racheal has gotten rid of a ton! So proud of her! We are going to have a garage sale the first Saturday in September

The week of homecoming, I got Racheal out of school early & we took all the kids to the pep rally. All the kids loved it, except Ryan! He was scared to death of the indian & had a death grip on me the entire time. Also that same weekend was the Pow-Wow in Comanche. Kim, Racheal & I rode a helicopter for the first time. Racheal & I weren't to thrilled about it not having doors!
Last week we took the kids to the nursery to get pumpkin pictures. Rylie managed to find a rotten pumpkin & stick his foot through the middle of it! Racheal picked out a pumpkin for us to carve.
Ryan, Reese, Rylie, Racheal
Ryan, Reese, Racheal & Rylie

This Saturday there is a 5k here in Comanche & Racheal begged me to walk with her. So being the good mommy that I am, I am doing it! She gets extra credit in PE for doing runs. Pray we both make it. We have never done anything like this before!

Racheal got her first report card from 1st grade 2 wks ago. It was all A's. They also had their fun fun at school & she got a participation ribbon. We also got school pictures this week. The turned out so good!! Last week she was having ear pain so I took her & got her ear flushed out. Randall checked it when we got home & she had an outer ear infection. On Sunday, she began complaining of really bad pain in that ear. Randall checked again & she had a hole in her ear drum. It is slowly getting better, but has been really painful for her.
I got a load of sand delivered to fill some holes that we have. The kids have had a blast playing in it, especially Rylie! Randall has been off this week & we have been busy getting lots of projects finished. His parents came & helped put baseboard down in the laundry room. They also helped us move out of the rented storage building. We finally have our piano back in the house. Thank goodness for piano dollies! Wish we had know they made such a thing the other 5 times we had to move that thing!
Rylie, Ryan, Racheal & Reese
Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal playing a song!!
Racheal with her homework. We had to make a costume for Racheal & she wanted Barbie Mariposa! I tried to get her to do Raggedy Ann but she wouldn't go for it!