Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well this year has been a very eventful year. We brought 3 of our beautiful babies into the world. It has also been a very difficult year. Seeing them so tiny & fragile in the hospital. The stress of having to take care of 3 tiny babies & financially taking care of them. In just a couple of months they will be 1 year old. I can not believe it. Mark your calendars for their birthday February 28th. We would like to invite everyone that has been a part of their lives in this amazing year. Whether you helped us out in those crazy first months or prayed for us we want you their to celebrate these 3 miracles that God gave us. We will also be having their baby dedication the next day at the church. It will be a big weekend!

Yesterday Ryan had another tooth come through on the top right. Now he has 3 teeth! He will be eating steak before long! He is also so close to crawling. Thanks to Meema for coming to help out yesterday. Racheal had the stomach virus the night before & yesterday. I was up all night with her. She slept all night last night so hopefully she is over it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Randall has exciting news! Reese said "dada" yesterday! He was very excited. Ryan also was trying to crawl. He would push up on all 4's & move one leg then fall on his face.

We had a great Christmas! We were home. Barb & Charles came to see us Monday-Wednesday. They usually come for just the day & Racheal had been begging them to spend the night. Then Randall's parents & Karen's family came Wednesday & we had Christmas. Yesterday Racheal & I went after Christmas shopping. It was so much fun. My mom & I use to always go. I didn't get to go last year since I was on bed rest & nearly killed me not to go shopping!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shelley's Christmas Present!

Here is a video Randall made for me. He made one similar last year with Racheal. Make sure you watch the entire thing. There are 3 songs. He did an awesome job! Get a hanky ready!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More pictures!

Reese crashed on the block!

Rylie, Racheal, Reese & Ryan

Ryan says "Mommy please help me. I'm stuck!"

Harrison & Racheal at their art show.

Racheal shaking it at the Christmas recital in Stephenville.

picture with santa

Ryan, Reese, Rylie & Racheal with Santa.

Ryan has his 2nd tooth on the bottom. It cam through on the 14th. The other babies still don't have teeth.

Kaylie & Genia Johnson are coming over tonight to watch all the kids so Randall & I can go on a date!!! Thank you guys!! Tomorrow Randall's neices are coming to spend the night & we get another night away. We are having our Sunday school party at a restaurant in Brownwood so we are going to that.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New pictures!

Josie took pictures of the kids last night! She got some great ones considering there were some cranky babies!

Here is her web site:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well we made it to our NIGrad appointment. I had been told my another triplet mom that they were a waste of time & I agree. They didn't really do anything different than what our pedi does. So we probably won't be going to the next one. Then our plan was to go see my wonderful dr that helped me stay pregnant as long as I did, but he was on vacation. Then we went to the NICU. They were doing a lot of construction when we were in the hospital & they have most of it done. The hospital looks great. Anyway all of the nurses we wanted to see had the day off yesterday, so we didn't get to see anyone except the ladies at the front desk. Then we went to Babies R Us to find big car seat. Racheal & I found the ones we liked. Then came the task of loading 3 huge boxes onto a shopping cart. I made it, granted I couldn't see where I was going either. A super nice lady walked up to me as I was trying to make my way to the check out & she handed me a coupon for $25. She said here you need this worse than I do. Guess I looked pitiful with my 3 car seats! So probably after Christmas we will change them out. They are getting really heavy to carry & their feet hang off the ends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying the new pics. I have some more to add when I get time. We are going to see Santa Saturday. Maybee Josie can email them to me so I can add them on here. HINT HINT!! This Friday the babies have an appoitment at NI Grads in Ft Worth. This is something preemies have to do at their adjusted 6 mo, 12 mo, 2 & 3 yrs. It just to make sure they are developing all their skills as they should. We are also going to go by my high risk dr & by the NICU. I'm looking forward to that. We are also going to go by Babies R Us & get their big car seats. That is if we can afford 3 of them!

Several people have asked me if we can see different personalities in the babies. YES, YES, YES!!
Rylie is the talker! I guess he is trying to compete with his big sister. He is also a momma's boy! He pretty laid back. Ryan is just like his daddy! He is a daddy's boy! He studies everything & takes everything in. He is very happy & has the cutest smile with his one dimple. Reese is definately girl! Moody, tempermental, a demanding girl (just like her big sister). She has her days. There are days she is really happy & smiles a lot. Then there are days she is in a mood & never smiles. All I can says is girls, girls girls!

Still no crawling. Rylie still gets up on all 4's & rock. Ryan has figured out how to get around by scooting backwards. He can go all over the family room. Reese also scoots backwards & rolls. I know it won't be long. They are now eating 6 containers of baby food a meal-yes that is 84 containers a week! We should have stock in Del Monte!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Christmas in Crockett. The girls: Racheal, Reese, Natalie in their matching dresses.

Mama & her great grandkids: Natalie, Rylie, Racheal, Ryan, Reese

Rylie, Reese & Ryan 1st Thanksgiving

The babies sitting up!

The family of doctors on halloween.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One crazy week!

Well I am glad this week is over. Monday the triplets had their dr appointment. Tuesday Racheal had preschool, dance & a preschool program at Tuesday school. It was really good. We took Kim with us so that we could take the babies. Wednesday night Racheal had church. Thursday was preschool & a Christmas dance recital in the park in Stephenville. She did a great job! Boy can she shake those hips. I don't know where she got that from. Friday I had a dermatologist appointment. I am suppose to go every year because of my family history, but I hadn't been in about 3 year. Everything was good. I also went to a new doctor & I really liked her. Today was the art show. It was also great. Thanks Grand-dad & Jerry for going to her programs!

In between all of that I have been making baby food like crazy. They are now eating 12 containers a day! I will try hard to get new pictures posted there just has not been a free minute.

Monday, December 1, 2008

9 months

The babies had their 9 month check up today! They were 9 months last Friday. Ryan is the biggest 20 lbs 6.5 oz, 27 1/4 inches; Rylie 19 lbs 12 oz, 27 inches; Reese 17 lb 10 oz, 24 1/2 inches. They are getting so big! Ryan has 1 tooth & about to have another one. He rolls or scoots everywhere. Rylie is working on a tooth also. He scoots backwards & gets up all 4's & rocks. The are eating 10 jars of baby food a day. We don't go back to the dr until they are 1!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The babies had a great eye appointment today. Rylie had dancing in his eyes last time & it was gone now. Reese's crossing was better also. So we don't have to go back for 4 months. They will be 1 then! Ryan had a bottom tooth come through last Tuesday that you could feel. Today you can see it! Our first tooth! Please pray for me. I am going to be by myself with all 4 kids until Monday afternoon. I have never been alone with them for that long. Yikes!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pray for us!

Everyone please pray for our financial status. Randall is not getting to work much. This month he is having to work in Commerce which is 4 hrs away. We have to pay the IRS a very large amount by Dec 8 that we don't have. We have already been turned down on one loan that we tried to get. Even if we are approved for a loan I am not exactly sure where we will come up with the money to pay it back. It is taking every penny Randall makes to pay for the help I have to have with the house & the babies & their food & diapers. This has really stressed me out! Also if anyone has winter clothes that their kids have outgrown we could really use them. The boys are wearing 18 months & Reese wears 12 months.

Also the babies go back to the eye dr in Abilene Saturday. Randall's mom is coming to help me since Randall is in Commerce. Reese is still crossing her eye a little.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sitting up!

Yesterday all the babies sat up. Ryan did the best he held himself up for a really long time. Reese also finally put her hads down & held herself up.

Our floors are finally all finished. Randall's parents came Monday & helped us put molding back down & paint. THanks Meemaw & D-dad for all your help! Also thanks for the diapers & baby food you brought us.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I know it has been almost a week since I posted! We have been super busy around here. The new floors are almost finished. Hopefully tomorrow!!! I love them! Tomorrow Meemaw & D-dad are coming to help us paint the old laundry room (which is now a pantry area) & the breakfast area. The breakfast area has never been painted since we have been here.

Ryan sat up my himself for several minutes yesterday. He & Rylie are trying to crawl. They both pull their legs up under them & push, but don't raise their arms & head up. Won't be long! They are eating really well now. They don't make much of a mess now! They eat a meat, 3 veggies and a fruit. That is right 10 containers of food a day! They are still getting a bottle in the morning & at bedtime. They are also eating those Gerber puffs for snack. Rylie growls at you when you don't pay attention & feed him his snack fast enough.

I had a question asked: Do they like to lay by each other? They only time they lay by each other is when we put them in the floor. Sometimes they like it & sometimes they don't. They move around so much now someone usually turns & is kicking someone. They also already fight over toys.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The triplets first Halloween!

Here is a picture that Josie took of the kids. This was the very last picture she took & I wanted to lay down with them & take a nap. It was exhausting!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8 months old!

Yesterday the babies were 8 months old. Oh my goodness it has gone by fast. Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. Racheal had a halloween party in Early at preschool & one in Dublin at dance yesterday. Last night Josie came over & took halloween pictures. Everyone was cranky (including mommy). Ryan did not have a nap yesterday afternoon & kept stiffening up when we would try to sit him up. Reese just screamed the entire time. Here is the link to the pictures: One of my favorites is the last one where everyone is asleep. Racheal was just pretending, but the other 3 were asleep. The are continueing to eat really well. Ryan is now the big eater. Rylie still doesn't like fruit. Right now we are going through 4 2-packs of baby food a day. Racheal has one more party tomorow & then trick or treating tomorrow night. Saturday I am having a garage sale with Tami (Thanks for volunteering your house!). Getting rid of all the baby clothes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The babies are eating so much better. Reese can out eat both of the boys. She opens her mouth wide & doesn't spit hardly any out. Rylie is still the messiest & spits a lot out. Ryan is getting better.
Rylie & Reese both sat up for about a minute this week before falling over. Rylie also learned how to shake his head no yesterday. It is so cute.

Tonight is the fall festival at church. Racheal is beyond excited! We are all going to be doctors. I will try to post a picture tomorrow.

They finished texturizing the laundry room yesterday & I got the ceiling painted this morning. Hopefully I can get a coat on the walls today & another coat tomorrow. The floor guy is coming Thursday. It is still going to be at least 6 weeks before the cabinet guy can start the cabines. So it will still be a while before the entire project is finished. But I will so glad when the floors are finished & we can move the washer & dryer into the laundry room.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My 4 miracle babies!!

Well I made a ton of baby food yesterday. It should last us about a week. I gave the babies green beans that I made last night & they did not like it at all. After I finally gave up and decided to give them bottles, Randall said store bought has starch as a thickener. So I should add corn syrup or apple sauce to make it a little sweet & they would probably eat it. So I will try that again today.

Yesterday I was reading on Triplet It is a great sight all about triplets. I have gotten a lot of great information there & it is a place you can actually feel normal. I was reading a story about a woman who was pregnant with triplets and at 22 weeks one of the babies water broke. The baby lived for an hour. There are a lot of women on there that were pregnant with triplets and only came home with 2 or even 1 baby. It really made me think. I was reminded what miracle babies we have!! First it was a miracle that I was even able to get pregnant with any of my kids. It is also a miracle that the triplets were able to make it inside me as long as they did. Then for all 3 of them to make it and to be healthy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Food

I finally started getting serious about feeding the babies food. We have just been trying a couple times a week when we had time. The last week I could tell the babies were hungry & very interested when they saw any of us eating. So they are still getting their 6 oz bottle in the mornings. They eat a veggie at lunch (each baby eats a jar) then they take 4 oz of formula. Then we do the same thing at supper. They still take 7 oz of formula with 4 tablespoons of cereal at bedtime. They are all quite impatient waiting on the food to get back to them. Reese & Ryan get tired of waiting & stick their hands in their mouth so we get very messy. So far we have tried squash, green beans, sweet potatoes & carrots. Ryan did not like green beans. I think this weekend I am going to make some baby food. I have been told it is much cheaper. We are already going through 6 jars a day & they aren't even eating that great yet!

We have more good news on the medical bills. The doctor bill has been written off. Most of the eye dr bill has also been written off except for $155. We are still waiting to hear from the Radiology bill & from Cook's. God has answered prayers!!!

Our laundry room change is progressing. The plumber has done his thing & hopefully the electrician is coming tomorrow. Racheal & I went and got the floor yesterday. Can't wait to get it down it is going to look so good. The sheet rock guy said he could do his part next week. After we get the flooring down in their, the washer & dryer can be moved into the new laundry room. Then we can get the flooring done in the kitchen, & old laundry room.

If anyone has baby sleepers that their kids have outgrown, let me know. The boys are wearing 12-18 months & Reese can wear some 6-9 mo or 12 month.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Racheal is a big helper!!!

Rylie, Racheal, Reese & Ryan

The last several days Racheal has been helping out with bottle feedings. She is doing a great job. Today we decided to try feeding the babies carrots. At first they made a bad face, but I kept shoving it in and they decided they liked it. The 3 of them ate 2 jars. Racheal fed Ryan since he is the best eater & I fed the other 2.

We finally got our computer back. I finished last years income tax. I know it is almost time to do it again!! I am finally posting new pictures!

Racheal feeding Rylie.

Racheal feeding Ryan

Racheal feeding Reese.

Racheal & Kim. Racheal is dressed up so she can dance with Dancing with the Stars!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Racheal fed Rylie

Racheal was so proud of herself. She fed Rylie his entire bottle yesterday. She did a great job. We did have to keep reminding her to hold the bottle up so he wasn't swallowing air.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things are looking up!

Since Harris wrote off our bill, I decided I would call all the other people we owe money to & see what they said. My anesthesiologist, the babies lab & x-rays all had me send them the letter from Harris & said they would write off the amount! I have faxed it to the doctors and they said they would let us know. The one letter from Harris could be a million dollar letter!!!

Rylie rolled from his back to his tummy today. He has been rolling to his side for quite a while, but that is as far as he would go.

A huge Blessing!

We received a letter Saturday from the hospital, but we were afraid to say anything about it until I could call today & make sure it was right. The hospitals charity committee approved us for 100% assistance. Which means we don't owe anything else to the hospital!!!!! The hospital was about half of our total medical bills. We still owe doctors, labs, eye doctor and Cook's. But having our Harris hospital bill payed is a hugh blessing!!

Randall's parents came yesterday & ripped out the closet & the shower in the bathroom. So now we are the search for a plumber to install the plumbing for the washer.

Rylie held his bottle last night almost the entire time!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally back to normal!

We are finally back in the living room!!! Yeah!!! They came and installed new pad & restretched the carpet Thursday morning. Then it was cleaned that afternoon. We moved back in yesterday. Today I have to finish cleaning out the bathroom so we can start tear stuff out tomorrow.

Ryan started holding his bottle some last Tuesday. The boys have gotten really jealous. If they see you pick up another baby, they start crying wanting to be picked up. If only I had a couple more arms!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It has been a crazy week!

I have dealt with getting estimates all week & trying to line up people to make repairs on our house & dealing with insurance! Fun, Fun, Fun! Tomorrow we are getting new pad & the carpet restretched. Friday they are coming to clean all the carpet that got wet. Saturday we get to move furniture back in. Yeah!!! I know many people have offered to help with the babies. If anyone can help Saturday that would be a huge help so we can get everything moved back faster.

The babies are doing great. The are still teething, but no teeth yet. Hopefully soon. If you could only hear them at this moment. All 3 are screaming!! And for no reason other than they are rotten. I promise I will post pictures when we get moved back in the living room and Randall gets everything hooked back up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 months!

The triplets are now 7 months old! I can't believe it. The are doing great. They have been really great through all the craziness in our house because of it flooding.

One year ago today is the day I had my second sonogram and found out there were 4 babies! My previous sono they thought they could see 2 babies so we went in thinking 1 or 2 babies. Dr. Doody started the sono, he started counting and then this isn't good. He said there are 4 gestational sacs. I said"are there babies in all of them." (When I got pregnant with Racheal I had 3 sacs, but 1 baby.) Dr. Doody said yes there are 4 babies. At that time 2 were smaller & we were told they probably wouldn't survive. When I went back 2 weeks later, I had lost one but the other small one was continuing to grow. We think the small one that survived is Reese. I came out of my little room & the entire clinic already knew about all my babies. Then we went next door to Chili's, Randall told them our news and they gave us our lunch for free! It was a crazy & shocking day that changed our lives forever!

Now for an update on our house. We had 9 huge & loud fans all over the house. Yesterday they took 5 out & hopefully today the rest will be taken out. They pulled the pad out of the living room so we have to get a new pad put down, the carpet restretched & cleaned. The bathroom, laundry room and kitchen all have water under the linoleum so it all has to be replaced. I had wanted to move the laundry room into the bathroom so since the floor is going to have to be replaced we are going to go ahead and move the laundry room. So next weekend Randall's parents are going to come help us rip out a closed and the shower. I am so glad the laundry is finally getting moved, but we really cannot afford to do all this right now with all the medical bills. So we are going to have to do it a step at a time which means my house is going to be a construction project for a while!! Thanks Jeanette for supper the day our house flooded!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Flood!

We had a huge disaster today! We had a very small drip from our tankless hot water heater. The plumber came to fix it & left. I go to get a shower & there is not anything coming out of the hot water. I call the plumber & he says he forgot to turn the valve back on. How did he know he fixed the leak if he did not turn the water back on???? So I turn the water back on, hear the water heating up & go get a shower. I make it back to the kitchen & hear a loud noise, then step in water in the kitchen. I splash through water through the kitchen, laundry room, water soaked carpet in the living room & into the bathroom & turn the water off. Thanks to the Easley's for coming over & helping clean up & helping with the babies. The plumber came back & fixed the hot water heater. We hope!!! The insurance sent someone to come suck up all the water. We had to move a lot of the furniture out of the living room & the rest had to be moved to one side. The carpet was rolled up & he pulled the padding out. We have huge, loud fans everywhere. HE said it would take about 4 days to dry. Tomorrow they are coming to pull baseboards & drill holes in the walls to dry the walls out. Then we will have to get new pad & the carpet restretched. I was so hoping for hardwood floors!!! So we are living out of the playroom for a while.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yummy oatmeal!

We decided to try food with a spoon again. It went much better this time. If you remember the lat 2 times I have tried they were not interested at all. The boys did great. Towards the end Rylie was actually eating without pushing it back out with his tongue. Ryan was really excited about getting food. He was laughing the entire time. He was pushing the food out more than Rylie, but still did much better than the previous times. Reese was another story. She was gagging with every bite I put in her mouth. I finally gave up because I didn't want to have to clean up throw-up.

Randall will be gone Saturday to Ft Worth for a CME. Kim going to go with us to the Pow-wow. Then I am going to venture to a birthday party with all 4 kids by myself. It should be interesting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good eye appointment

We went to Abilene today for the babies eye appointment. The doctor said they all looked great especially the boys. Reese has very mild strabismus (cross eyed). He thinks it may correct itself especially since it has already gotten some better. We go back in 2 months. He was very generous & did not charge us for Reese's appointment since she doesn't have insurance.

We went to Sam's today & spent way to much money, but half of it was diapers and formula. So we should be ok for a while or at least a month!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally getting better!

I think the triplets are finally getting over their yucky snotty noses! The boys seemed to be better yesterday. Reese has slept all night the last 2 nights!!!!! This morning she did not have nasty stuff all over her face so I think we are finally getting better.

Just wanted to thank those of you that have donated to the kids medical account. We appreciate it more than you will ever know!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New pictures!

Rylie in his exersaucer.

Rylie & Ryan already fighting over the keys.

Ryan fell asleep in the Bumbo chair.




Monday, September 15, 2008

6 month appointment

The triplets had their 6 month appointments today. They have grown a lot. The boys are exactly the same 17 lb 4 oz & 25 1/4 " long. Reese weighs 14 lb 8 oz & is 23 inches long. The got more shots today. We go back next month for everyone to get flu shots. Then we don't see the dr again until they are 9 months old. The boys are now in the 90% for their weight so their are right on track for a baby that had been born full term. Reese is in the 75% percentile. The babies have an eye appointment this Saturday in Abilene.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ryan finally did it!

Ryan finally rolled over yesterday morning. I went to get him out of his bed & he had rolled over. The other 2 have been rolling for a while now. If you lay the boys on the floor on their backs they will spin around in a circle.

Kaylie came home this weekend & took Racheal to her first football game. She also had her first mum. The only thing she said about the game was it was really loud.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A bad night

All the kids still have snotty noses. Reese woke up at 2 this morning. She had spit up everywhere & was stopped up. I changed her clothes & cleaned her nose. I put her in a bouncy seat so she could breath & put her in our bathroom so I could hear her. Well at 3:30 she was still awake. So I put her in her bed & went back to bed, but the rest of the night the boys kept waking up because they couldn't breath either. So I didn't get much sleep last night. Let's hope everyone takes a long nap today including mommy.

Racheal started dance yesterday in Dublin with her new teacher. She was awesome. She learned so much yesterday. Racheal said "Ms. Wanda worked me hard yesterday!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nothing like sharing!

All 4 kids in my house have nasty snotty noses & can't breath. Racheal is actually getting over hers. The babies woke up with it this morning.

Green beans

We tried green beans last night for supper. The look that all 3 made when they tasted them was priceless. Evidently green beans are not good! I guess we will stick with oatmeal for a while longer!

Monday, September 8, 2008

An account has been set up at Comanche National Bank for the triplets. We found out last week that Reese did not qualify for social security either so we are out of options for assistance. All donations will go towards their very large medical bills.

Friday, September 5, 2008


No Steph they don't grunt anymore. If you remember, the night we roomed in with the boys in the NICU we didn't get any sleep because they were grunting back & forth ALL night. They jabber & laugh all the time now. It is really cute.

You are probably wondering why we have an advertisement on the blog now. It is a way to help us earn money when it is clicked on.

A busy but great week

Racheal loved her art class. They talked about triangles. She also loved Tuesday school. She would have been happier if mommy hadn't driven her to school! She also loved Rainbow dreams preschool on Thursday. She loves you Mrs. Shelley! Today we went to MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers). It was great for me to have some adult time. I also finally got to meet Mary from Brownwood. She is the mom of triplets girls. Racheal & I had a great time.

Randall & Dr Shah discussed the RSV shots & they both decided the triplets would not get them. So from October-March, if you come to see us please wash your hands before touching the babies. Also if you have been sick or been around anyone that has been sick, please wait a few days before you come to see us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

RSV Season

Dr Shah called about RSV shots for the babies. RSV can be very dangerous for premies. RSV season is October through March. They have shots they can get every month to help prevent it, but they are very expensive. He said according to the guidelines insurance does not have to pay because they are over 6 months. He said the dosage is based on weight & based on what they weighed almost 2 months ago they would be $1500 a month per kid. Oh my Gosh!!!!! I think we are going to send the paper work to the insurance to see if they will pay. If they won't then we will just have to take our chances.

First day of preschool pictures!

Racheal ready for Tuesday school!
Racheal is in the Apple class.

The Comanche group: Racheal, Luke, Hudson, Kenzey, McKenna

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our news 1 year ago!

One year ago today we found out that I was pregnant. We didn't know how many we had, but know that the 1st IUI worked. We were so excited. I got the phone call as I was getting into Stephenville. I immediately started called everyone. It was Labor Day & Racheal had stayed with Dale & Christy Meinecke (our pastor then). I told Racheal as soon as I got there. Stay tuned for the day I found out there were 4 babies!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The crazy schedule of a preschooler!

You would not think a 4 year old would have such a crazy schedule, but Racheal loves to have something to do everyday. We weren't trying to fill everyday, but somehow we did. Today we have company coming. My aunt Barb & uncle Charles, cousin Jana & her daughter are coming for the day. They haven't seen the babies in about 6 weeks & they are ready. Today Racheal also starts art class. Then tonight we go to Early to meet the teacher. She starts Tuesday school in Early tomorrow. She went last year & loved it. Then Tuesday afternoons she will have dance in Dublin. Wednesdays she has Faith weavers at church. Thursdays she is going to a new preschool here in town. Then the 1st & 3rd Fridays we have MOPS (Mother of preschoolers). This is mostly for my sanity, but she loves going also. They play & make crafts. So that is our week for the next 9 months. I am a little stressed about getting her ready for everything & trying to feed all the babies at the same time. Wish me luck!!! Look for 1st day of school pictures!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We want to here from you!

I know there are a lot of people out there that check our blog daily! Thanks for caring enough about our family to do that. Please post comments. We love to here from you also. Also if there are any questions you want to know about the triplets that we are forgetting to post, please ask! Thanks quad mom Suz for the idea. She got tons of questions about her day & I thought that was a terrific idea! So ask away!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 months old!!!

Reese, Ryan & Rylie

I can't believe it, but the triplets are 6 months old today. That is how long I was pregnant. Time flies when your having fun!
Yes I meant to chop off their heads. I was trying to get their fat little legs!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you!!!

I have some thank you to make. First thanks Steph for all the pork you gave us last week.
Thanks Christy Meinecke for supper last night. It was delicious as usual. We miss you!!!
Thanks to Tiffany for the bottles & for the shower video. I finally got to see the baby shower video. I wish I could have been there. If you don't remember, the babies were born on a Thursday and our baby shower was Saturday. Also thanks to Lani for the excersaucer & warmers.

We love you guys!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Aniversary Meema & D-dad!

Below is a picture of Meema & D-dad & all their kids, grandkids & great grandkids & Meema's 2 brothers.

Today is Randall's parents 50th Anniversary. Yesterday they had a party at their church in Temple. All of their kids, grandkids & great grandkids were there except for 1 & she is in the military & couldn't come home. We had a great time. Racheal & 3 of the great grandkids sang I am a Promise & It's a Miracle. Racheal was putting on a show as usual dancing around & she didn't need a microphone.

Above is Racheal, & her 3 2nd cousins & their mom Leila (which is Racheal's 1st cousin)
Randall holding the boys, Shelley & Reese, D-dad, Meema, Racheal

Friday, August 22, 2008

1 year old!

I know you think I am crazy--They aren't a year old yet! One year ago today I had the IUI & the triplets were conceived. And Randall was not even there, just me and the nurse.

Here is an update on the triplets: Rylie has become quite the talker. His smile is the greatest. You can feel 2 teeth on the bottom & one on the top, but we don't think they are all the way through yet. Reese is finally starting to talk and smile more. She is teething also, but still can't feel anything. Ryan is a happy baby. He wakes up every morning in the best mood. He is always laughing. When laughs & smiles his whole face lights up. It is the best! He is also teething, but can't feel anything coming through yet. All 3 have really found their hands the past week they are grabbing things & also putting their thumbs in their mouths.

Monday, August 18, 2008

San Antonio pictures

The boys sacked out after a day in San Antonio
All the kids in front of the Alamo. Racheal told someone, "we saw the Alamo, but I don't know what it was."
Racheal driving the bulldozer at the Kids' Museum.
Racheal at the top of the tower.

All my future Doctors!

Here are some pictures we took last week before we left for San Antonio.

Ryan, Racheal, Reese, Rylie
Reese & Rylie

Saturday, August 16, 2008

San Antonio Part 2

Well yesterday we had a lazy day. We just hung out at the motel. Racheal & I went swimming last night when Randall got out of class. The water was freezing. Today we went to the Children's Museum. Racheal had a lot of fun. Then we went to the Alamo so I could take the kids picture in front of it. Then we went to the tower. The last time I went there was in high school & I was terrified then. It wasn't so bad this time. I even looked out the glass elevator coming down. The babies were very good in the terrible heat & being stuck in their car seats all day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

San Antonio

Well I made it to the mall yesterday with all 4 kids. We had a lot of fun. Last night we went to Ruth's Crisp steak house. It was delicious. Randall said his classes have been really good & he has learned a lot. Today is the last day of class.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We made it to San Antonio yesterday. It looked like we were moving in. It took 2 carts to get all of our stuff in. We are right across from the River Center Mall. Last night we walked across & Racheal & I rode the boat down the river. It has been years since I had done that. Randall has class all day today so we are just hanging out. If I get adventurous I might walk across to the mall with all the kids. We will have to see!

Thanks Grand-dad for the bottles & liners!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Triplet updates!

I forgot to post that all 3 babies are teething! Rylie had a bottom tooth poke through on 7/30. Now you can also feel one coming through on the top. So we are going through a lot of Tylenol & Ibuprofen right now. The boys are now wearing 6-9 month clothes & are wearing size 3 diaper. Reese wears 3-6 month clothes & some 6-9. She is wearing a 2 diaper. We go through a regular size can of formula a day & a box of oatmeal & rice cereal a week. The boys take 6 oz at each bottle & Reese takes 5 oz except at bedtime & she gets 6 oz. We feed them at 9:30. It is usually 10:30-11 before we finish feeding everyone. Reese is usually the first to wake up around 8. Sometimes she will sleep till 8:30 or 9, but not very often. Next to wake up is usually Rylie, then Ryan around 10. The are all talking & laughing more & more everyday. Ryan is very observant of everything going on around him. They love to watch Racheal sing & dance.

We are leaving Wednesday for San Antonio. Randall has a CME to go to on Thurs & Friday. We will head back home on Sunday. I have been working on getting everything we need together for the trip. Which with triplets is a lot of stuff: 2 packages of diapers, 5 cans of formula, bottled water, bottles, a ton of clothes, medicine, cereal (well you get the picture).

Thanks to those of you that gave us bottles you had. If anyone else has any Playtex drop in liner bottles 8 oz, we would really appreciate it. I will even pay you for them. We only have enough to make it 24 hrs. If I had a few extras it would be great! Also for our friends that live around here, if you could occasionally give me a call when you are headed to Walmart that would be great. We run out of the bottle liners & formula quite often & they are so much cheaper at Walmart than at the grocery store. It would be a huge help since I don't make it to a Walmart very often.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Medical Bills!!!

Well Randall finally called the social security lawyer. We were basically told that it would be a waste of our time & money to go to court & fight social security. So I guess we will be paying mine & the triplets medical bills for the rest of our lives. It really makes us angry that I tried to take the really good care of myself to make the triplets be as healthy & as big as possible. Now we are being punished for it. Someone is calling everyday saying we are being turned over to a collection agency. I tell them go ahead we have almost a million dollars in medical bills. I can only do so much! So instead of saving for 4 kids for college we will be paying medical bills forever! I try not to let it bother me & try to just think about my 4 healthy kids. But when the phone rings everday with someone asking for money it is hard to not think about it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I miss you Mom (& Nana)!

It has been 7 years today since I lost my mom. I still miss her so much. I know she would have been a great Nana (that is what she wanted to be called). I often think about how excited she would have been if she had been around to see Racheal & the triplets. She wanted nothing more than to be a grandmother.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally new pictures!!!

Rylie, Reese & Ryan relaxing on the couch. Reese is trying to push her brothers off of her!
Racheal, Kaylie, Ryan, Reese & Rylie. Kaylies last day is next Tuesday. We are going to miss you Kaylie!!
Finally the picture of the triplets! Shelley, Jill (the mommy's) Ryan, Reese, Rylie, Aaron, Avery, Adam, Racheal.
Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Ryan, Rylie & Reese in their Mickey & Minnie outfits for Natalies Party.

Ryan, Rylie, Reese, Racheal & Natalie

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the stroller

Some people have asked what our wonderful stroller looks like. So in case you have not seen it, here is the picture. The car seats just snap right onto the frame. It is really light & the frame folds in half to store in the back of the van. It is a life saver.

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Yesterday was Shelley's birthday. We had a great day. Meema & D-dad came and watched the triplets. We went and watched the Mummy & then stopped in Blanket to eat at Katy's. We had not been there in several years and it is a special place for us. It is where we met on our blind date. Racheal sang happy birthday several times in the restaurant.

Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Mom's = 7 Kids

Kaylie and I loaded up the big van this morning and headed to Glen Rose to meet Jill. Her triplets turned 1 last week. They are so cute. Racheal had fun playing with the Power triplets. Thanks for lunch Jill! I am having problems with my computer. I will try to post pictures later.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Triplets first trip to Crockett!!

The babies were great on their first 4 hour trip to Crockett. They had lots of visitors the entire weekend. Saturday was Natalie's 1st birthday (Shelley's cousins' daughter). We came came home Sunday & came back through Corsicana. We stopped at the hospital so Randall could show the babies off. Racheal stayed in Crockett. She has a busy week planned. She is going fishing, swimming, & went to the fire station today. I talked to her last night & she was too busy to talk to me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

eye appointment

The triplets had their last eye appoint yesterday with the specialist. He said he still did not see any signs of ROP (retinopathy) so we do not have to see him again. He did refer us to a pediatric opthamologist to check their eye muscles. Reese occasionally crosses her eyes. He said it would probably be good for all of them to be checked.

They are still sleeping all night usually to around 7:30 or 8:00. I have been by myself today & they have been really fussy. We think they are teething. The boys have been drooling A LOT for several days. This weekend we are making our first trip to Crockett with the triplets. It is my cousin's daughters 1st birthday. It should be interesting. I am sure it will look like we are moving in. We will come back home on Sunday & Racheal is going to stay until Friday. She is so excited about staying.

We also received letters Friday that Ryan was turned down for SSI so now we have to fill out the paperwork to appeal his case. We also received a letter that Rylie was turned down down for the second time. So now we have to hire a lawyer & his case goes to hearing.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dr appointment

The babies had a check up this morning & shots. Rylie weighs 12 lb 12 oz & is 22 3/4 inches, Ryan is also 12 lb 12 oz & is 22 1/4 inches & Reese is 10 lb 11 oz & is 21 1 /2 inches long. The babies are getting 2 tablespoons of cereal in their bottles at night. He said in couple of weeks we could try making it thicker & feeding them with a spoon. That should be interesting!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!!!

Racheal, Ryan, Reese & Rylie
Ryan (not happy)
Reese & Rylie holding hands
Ryan, Rylie & Reese playing in the floor.
Look at that smile! (Rylie)

Hope everyone has had a great 4th! We have had a great day relaxing at home. I survived my first night by myself on Monday. They woke up at 5:30 & 6:00 the next morning. Which isn't bad, but since Randall has been home they have been waking up at 8 & 8:30. Kaylie is coming around lunch time now & staying until bedtime. They are now eating 5 oz every 4 1/2-5 hours. They go to the dr Monday. I can't wait to see how much the boys weigh.