Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meeting myself coming & going!

Sorry I am behind in posting again! It has been absolutely crazy since school started! Hope I can remember everything!

The first week of school for Racheal was good, but we also managed to go through our first bug! Tuesday night Rylie started throwing up. He had it really bad. It took 2 phenergan supp & a shot of Benadryl to stop it. The next Thursday morning I went in & Ryan had thrown up all over his bed. Apparently he threw up & went right back to sleep & didn't cry. Early Saturday morning Racheal woke up & threw up, but after that she was fine. Thankfully Reese, mommy & daddy never got it! Racheal had a sub for the first 8 days of school but now her teacher is back & she really likes it. They have homework everyday & had their first spelling test last week. She was showing me sign language today that she had learned!

Racheal is playing soccer for the first time. Her team is Lil Rascals. They have had 2 games & lost both of them. They are improving & she is having a blast. The little kids got to go to the first game & they had a great time & cheered for sissy!!

The kids got to ride a 4 wheeler for the first time. Kim's boyfriend brought one over. Ryan & Reese were scared to death of it. When he started it. They screamed & took off running to the house. They did eventually ride it & all loved it.

Racheal is now also in Girl scouts. They will be Daisy's & our friend Tracey was brave enough to be the troop leader. There is about 8 1st grade girls that are friends & they all wanted to be in it. They are going to meet every other week on Saturdays. I know they will have a blast. Racheal also started back to Faithweavers at church last week.

We took pictures at church last night for the directory. Pictures always stresses me out. Having to get everyone dressed & ready & stay clean! But we did it & they turned out great! One little accident. Ryan fell off the table they were sitting on on his head, but he was ok.

I started back to boot camp last week. I feel better, but boy is it still hot & humid! Ready for it to cool down some more.
Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal ready for football Friday!
Mrs. Stephens & Racheal

Rylie vacuuming with his halloween costume hat on.
Ryan & Reese with halloween costum hats on.
Rylie, Reese & Ryan ready for some soccer!
The first game Racheal got to kick the ball in almost everytime!
Lil Rascals after the game!

Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of 1st of First Grade!

Sorry for the picture overload again! Maybe now that school has started we will be back into a routine & I can keep the blog updated!

Today was the 1st day of first grade! Can't believe my baby is already in first grade! I did great & didn't cry! Maybe because it doesn't seem real since they have a sub until next Thursday. Mrs. Stephens is still on maternity leave. Or maybe I got all my crying out last week in the principle's office. I am sure he probably thought I was a nut case!!!!
Let's see if I can remember all of our last summer activities! 2 weeks ago Racheal had cheer camp & then they cheered at the scrimmage on Saturday morning! She had a lot of fun, but boy was it hot at the scrimmage! The boys were both scared of the Indian mascot! Rylie grabbed my hand & said let's go home! They finally cheered & then there was a little carnival for the kids. She also went to a Faithweavers swim party at the city pool.

Last week Barb, Jana & NatNat came to see us. Monday night was pretty wild. Jana had a kidney stone. Thank goodness Randall was here or we might have had to take her to the ER. The next day she felt fine & we went to Splashville in Stephenville. The kids all had a blast! On Wednesday we went to meet the teacher. Then on Thursday we took Racheal bowling. It had been 1 1/2 yrs since we had been bowling so mommy was a little rusty! Randall & Racheal beat me in both games! Saturday we went to a back to school swim party at Shelley's & Racheal had a blast! Sunday she got moved up to a new Sunday school class. She was so excited!

Oh and for potty training! Well that day we did boot camp was the longest day in our lives. I decided the boys are not really ready so I am focusing on Reese. She has used the potty a few times but nothing consistent.

Ryan hugging Reese.
My birthday cake!
Reese, Ryan & Rylie playing the refrigerator box.

Rylie, Reese & Ryan is dressed up.
Rylie dressed up in the fireman outfit I found at a garage sale.
Racheal & her favorite cheerleader Brooke!
Ryan waiting on Racheal to cheer in the 100 degree heat!
Rylie waiting & watching for the big scary Indian!
Reese LOVED the cheerleaders! She never took her eyes off of them & just clapped & clapped!

Racheal, Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Ryan all dressed up & ready to clean!
Ryan all dressed up!
Racheal dressed up!
Ryan laying on the picnic table.
Rylie kissing Reese's hand! So sweet!
Ryan & Rylie kissing Reese's hand.
Rylie & Ryan

Racheal ready for 1st grade!

Racheal & Emily

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer is flying by!

Sorry it has been a while. I started this post over a week ago. We have been super busy & now summer is almost over! Racheal had a great time at the Ranch with Meemaw & D-dad. She got to drive the lawn mower & was super excited. On July 19 we headed to Abilene for our girls weekend! We got a pedi & did some school shopping. Spent the night & went swimming. We had to change rooms because or ac quit. We got all our back to school shopping done except for shoes. We did figure out what size she needed & I ordered them when we got home. Man her foot has grown since last year. On the way home we had van problems again!! Turns out it was nothing big (the hose to the turbo came loose) just kind of messed up some plans.

On Wednesday I took her to Waco & she went back to Crockett for a few days. Then we all went on Friday for Natalie's 3rd birthday party. The kids had a blast swimming!
Rylie, Reese & Ryan swinging at Jana's house.
The kids eating lunch at Nat-Nat's party.
Nat-Nat blowing out her candle.
Rylie, Ryan & Reese swimming. They swam for several hours.

I had to take Ryan to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. He had been coughing & then started having a runny nose. I started him on antibiotics, but it wasn't helping at all. So she put him on breathing treatments & it helped him. Racheal & Rylie have been sick too, but theirs wasn't as bad as Ryan's. Now Reese & Mommy seem to have something. Hopefully we can get everyone well soon.

Racheal lost another tooth last 2 weeks ago. Tooth #6!!! She also finished up summer school at Rainbow Dreams! Mrs. Shelley had a swim party for them on Friday & Racheal had a blast! She said it was the best party ever!!!
That is Racheal that looks like she is walking in the water, but she was actually jumping in!

We finally got our new bed & nightstand! It is beautiful & I love it! Our bedroom & bath are now officially finished. Next project is to put down baseboard in the laundry room so it will be finished!

Last week was my birthday & Racheal decorating up a storm! She thinks everyone has to have a big party on their birthday! The day started out not so great. We tried to make a birthday cake in Racheal's Easy Bake oven & could not get the cake done. Luckily I had a cake mix so we made a chocolate cake. Then I realized our dishwasher was leaking into the floor. Then the plumber called to say he was coming to put in my new kitchen sink & faucet. I was taking everything out from under the sink & found a leak under there. Sink & leak was fixed! Chocolate cake was yummy!! Thankfully the next day the dishwasher finally got fixed. Hand washing with 6 people in the house is for the birds!!! Anyway I ended up having a great day with my family. Randall & the kids gave me a new night gown & I got money for a pedicure from Kim!

Meemaw came last week & spent a couple of days with us. She wanted to see Racheal before she started back to school. The kids all had a blast & hopefully didn't wear her out to much.

Saturday we took the kids to a friends house to swim. It was their first time in a big pool. They were scared at first but they ended up loving it. They all went down the slide with Kim. By the end Rylie wanted to swim with no floaties & by himself. He jumped in probably 20 times. As soon as he jumped, he would say "set go again". It was too cute.

Tomorrow Kim & I are starting potty training. Pray for us!!! We will be parked in the laundry room all day! I finally got brave enough to go for it! Plus I want to do it before Kim starts back to school & I am running out of time! So ready or not here we come! (I have more pictures on my phone to put on here. When I figure out how to get them on here I will add them!)

Reese, Rylie & Ryan wearing their new triplet shirts.
Rylie vacuuming with his shades. He loves to vacuum. To bad it doesn't really work.
Rylie, Ryan & Reese decked out in their jewels & shades!

Rylie giving Kim a hug!
Reese & Ryan kissing & hugging!