Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meeting myself coming & going!

Sorry I am behind in posting again! It has been absolutely crazy since school started! Hope I can remember everything!

The first week of school for Racheal was good, but we also managed to go through our first bug! Tuesday night Rylie started throwing up. He had it really bad. It took 2 phenergan supp & a shot of Benadryl to stop it. The next Thursday morning I went in & Ryan had thrown up all over his bed. Apparently he threw up & went right back to sleep & didn't cry. Early Saturday morning Racheal woke up & threw up, but after that she was fine. Thankfully Reese, mommy & daddy never got it! Racheal had a sub for the first 8 days of school but now her teacher is back & she really likes it. They have homework everyday & had their first spelling test last week. She was showing me sign language today that she had learned!

Racheal is playing soccer for the first time. Her team is Lil Rascals. They have had 2 games & lost both of them. They are improving & she is having a blast. The little kids got to go to the first game & they had a great time & cheered for sissy!!

The kids got to ride a 4 wheeler for the first time. Kim's boyfriend brought one over. Ryan & Reese were scared to death of it. When he started it. They screamed & took off running to the house. They did eventually ride it & all loved it.

Racheal is now also in Girl scouts. They will be Daisy's & our friend Tracey was brave enough to be the troop leader. There is about 8 1st grade girls that are friends & they all wanted to be in it. They are going to meet every other week on Saturdays. I know they will have a blast. Racheal also started back to Faithweavers at church last week.

We took pictures at church last night for the directory. Pictures always stresses me out. Having to get everyone dressed & ready & stay clean! But we did it & they turned out great! One little accident. Ryan fell off the table they were sitting on on his head, but he was ok.

I started back to boot camp last week. I feel better, but boy is it still hot & humid! Ready for it to cool down some more.
Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal ready for football Friday!
Mrs. Stephens & Racheal

Rylie vacuuming with his halloween costume hat on.
Ryan & Reese with halloween costum hats on.
Rylie, Reese & Ryan ready for some soccer!
The first game Racheal got to kick the ball in almost everytime!
Lil Rascals after the game!

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