Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of 1st of First Grade!

Sorry for the picture overload again! Maybe now that school has started we will be back into a routine & I can keep the blog updated!

Today was the 1st day of first grade! Can't believe my baby is already in first grade! I did great & didn't cry! Maybe because it doesn't seem real since they have a sub until next Thursday. Mrs. Stephens is still on maternity leave. Or maybe I got all my crying out last week in the principle's office. I am sure he probably thought I was a nut case!!!!
Let's see if I can remember all of our last summer activities! 2 weeks ago Racheal had cheer camp & then they cheered at the scrimmage on Saturday morning! She had a lot of fun, but boy was it hot at the scrimmage! The boys were both scared of the Indian mascot! Rylie grabbed my hand & said let's go home! They finally cheered & then there was a little carnival for the kids. She also went to a Faithweavers swim party at the city pool.

Last week Barb, Jana & NatNat came to see us. Monday night was pretty wild. Jana had a kidney stone. Thank goodness Randall was here or we might have had to take her to the ER. The next day she felt fine & we went to Splashville in Stephenville. The kids all had a blast! On Wednesday we went to meet the teacher. Then on Thursday we took Racheal bowling. It had been 1 1/2 yrs since we had been bowling so mommy was a little rusty! Randall & Racheal beat me in both games! Saturday we went to a back to school swim party at Shelley's & Racheal had a blast! Sunday she got moved up to a new Sunday school class. She was so excited!

Oh and for potty training! Well that day we did boot camp was the longest day in our lives. I decided the boys are not really ready so I am focusing on Reese. She has used the potty a few times but nothing consistent.

Ryan hugging Reese.
My birthday cake!
Reese, Ryan & Rylie playing the refrigerator box.

Rylie, Reese & Ryan is dressed up.
Rylie dressed up in the fireman outfit I found at a garage sale.
Racheal & her favorite cheerleader Brooke!
Ryan waiting on Racheal to cheer in the 100 degree heat!
Rylie waiting & watching for the big scary Indian!
Reese LOVED the cheerleaders! She never took her eyes off of them & just clapped & clapped!

Racheal, Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Ryan all dressed up & ready to clean!
Ryan all dressed up!
Racheal dressed up!
Ryan laying on the picnic table.
Rylie kissing Reese's hand! So sweet!
Ryan & Rylie kissing Reese's hand.
Rylie & Ryan

Racheal ready for 1st grade!

Racheal & Emily

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