Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bed rest is not suppose to be stressful

Bed rest is not suppose to be stressful. It is intended to be a time that a person can rest and relax for health reasons. Judging by the number of telephone calls I keep getting every day, either bed rest is extremely stressful, or extremely boring; or maybe it is both. Shelley has called so many times in the past few days, I have had to recharge my cell phone's battery before my 12 hour shift was over.


Randall's mom came Tuesday & is staying until Monday to help us. Also Kaylee Johnson is going to come in the evenings to get Racheal's supper together, get her a bath & entertain her. That will be a big help. Thanks to everyone that has brought food & is helping get Racheal to all of her activities. It is great to have such good friends & family!

Bedrest Begins

I went to the dr Monday, Nov 26. Good news-the babies looked great. They all weigh 6 oz each. Bad news-On the back side of my cervix there is a small cone shaped area (called funelling) that is opening & closing. So I was put on bedrest starting Monday. It has me a little stressed out trying to make sure Racheal is taken care of. The dr said I could only get up to shower, use the bathroom & to eat. I started weekly Progesterone inj that is suppose to help prevent preterm labor. Boy do they hurt. I go back to the dr next Wednesday to get my cervix checked.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The beginning

We decided we were read for baby #2 so we began fertility treatment in Bedford again in August. The first IUI worked. I found out I was pregnant on Labor day. I had a sonogram on September 28th & found out we had 4 babies. Two were small & the dr said we would just have to watch them to see if they would make it or not. I had another sonogram on October 19th & found out I had lost one baby. Two of the babies were measuring right on track & had good heart rates. The third baby was a week behind & had a slower heart rate. Dr. Doody released me. Yeah no more trips to Bedford.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Thigpen in Ft Worth on November 1st. The third baby had caught up. So they were all on track & had good heart rates. He told me our goal was to make it to 34 weeks. I also will begin modified bedrest the day after Christmas. I saw him again on Nov 14 & had a sono to check my cervix. He said I got cervix of the month award. It was better than most singleton pregnancies. So no stitches for now. I go back Nov 26 for the big sonogram.