Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally I have a chance to blog! Now lets see if I can remember everything! In the last month we have been busy around the house. Randall finally got shelves built in our storage building. I went through everything. It is now all organized & we now have tons of room in there! He also built some shelves in the carport next to the storage building. We have a small storage building in the garage that I am working on cleaning out & moving everything out there. I also got a wrought iron gate installed yesterday in the garage. I had a folding table propped up in the opening to keep the monkeys in & it had fallen a couple of times on little toes. It looks great! I have gotten all my flower beds planted & moved & now finished! We will be having a neighborhood garage sale next month! It will be a huge sale! I am getting rid of tons of stuff! Racheal is also going to have a lemonade stand & all he money is going to PEG!

And speaking of PEG, last weekend the playground equipment was installed! It is awesome!!!
I took Racheal to the ribbon cutting on Monday & she got to play on it. Then Tuesday, Kim & I took all the kids. They had a blast!

Congratulation to Kim & Ricky!!! He finally popped the question!!! I informed them they cannot get married until the triplets start school!! lol

The little kids are growing up more everyday! They are talking so much now! They love playing outside & they love taking a bath. Can't wait until we can get the pool out. I may never get them out of the water!

Ryan, Rylie, Reese

Rylie & Ryan
Racheal was asking to skip washing hair & I told her no & bossy Ms Reese was also telling her no!
It was so cute!!
Racheal & Amy. Finally got her bed in & got it finished & finished the bedding that matches Racheal's.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Racheal's 6th birthday party!

This past Saturday was Racheal's 6th birthday party. It was at Our House of Hair. All the girls got their hair fixed & their toenails painted. Racheal said it was the best party she ever had. She got tons of makeup, nail polish, lotions, bath wash & earrings. She is set for a long time & those are all her favorite things!!! She got an American Girl doll from us. When she opened it she was so excited. She said "It's what I always wanted. What is it called again!" She has brushed her hair & changed her clothes. I made her a comforter & a pillow for the doll that match Racheal's.

My aunt Barb, Jana & Natalie came on Thursday. After they got here went to take bluebonnet pictures.

Be sure to read a couple of posts back. I added in a post that I never got around to finishing & wanted them to be in the right order! Be ready for picture overload on this one too!!!
Racheal blowing out her candles! Still can't believe there were 6 candles!!
Racheal opening the wallet from Kim & Ricky. She really wanted that wallet!
Opening her American Girl doll. She named her Amy!
Teleisha curling Racheal's hair.
Back of Racheal's hair.
Racheal getting her toe nails painted.
You can't see very well in the picture, but they have zebra stripes on them.
Racheal's cupcake party at school.
Racheal being Racheal!

Mr. Serious Rylie

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Racheal!!!!

Today is Racheal's 6th birthday!! Can't believe she is already 6! Doesn't seem like that long ago I was making that daily trip to Bedford trying to get pregnant & thinking it would never happen! She woke up at 6:30 this morning ready to open some presents. Then she had a cupcake for breakfast. I am going to surprise her & take her pizza for lunch. Then I go back to school & take cupcakes so they can have a little party before they come home. Then she is getting a massage & getting her hair cut! Yes she is spoiled!!!

I am behind in posting! It has been very busy around here! I will try to get another post done tonight.

Racheal the day she was born!!!

This morning blowing out the candles on her cupcake!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing catch up again!!!

We had a great Easter. We went to church & the kids hunted eggs there. Then we came home & hunted eggs again. The little kids finally got the hang of it.

I also went to the doctor this week. They did a lot of blood work & should get it back this week. So hopefully they will figure out what my medicine needs to be changed to so I can finally feel better.

This has been a very hard week with the trio. They have been fighting, taking toys, pushing, crying, pitching fits all day long. They did sit on the potty for the first time yesterday. Rylie said ewww & he hadn't done anything in his diaper yet so we ran to the potty. He still didn't do anything. Then the other 2 started crying because they wanted to sit on the potty too.

Racheal went to the prom with Kaylie. She loves going & seeing all the pretty dresses. She is so funny primping in the mirror. She changed necklaces 3 times & had me change the way I had her hair fixed! I think I might be in a little trouble when she goes to the prom for real!
Meema, Reese, Ryan, Racheal, Rylie, D-dad
Ryan, Racheal, Rylie Notice Rylie with his wrinkled up eyebrows! He is Randall Barron made over! He thinks & studies everything!
Reese having a blast!
Reese, Racheal, Rylie, Ryan
Racheal ready for the prom!
Ryan & Rylie wrestling in the floor!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Last weekend Kim & I took the kids to see the easter bunny at the motel for a Relay for Life fundraiser. It did not go so well. The triplets were all terrified of the easter bunny. I did get Ryan & Reese to sit in Racheal's lap. Rylie would not even do that. He had a death grip on me & was not letting go. So mommy had to get in the picture too. Today was the egg hunt at the park. Ryan was brave & shook the bunny's hand. Rylie & Reese still would not get anywhere near him. They didn't have a clue with the egg hunt, but did manage to get 3 or 4 eggs & were happy. Racheal finally got a stuffed animal. If you have never been to the egg hunts here, they have several stuffed animals scattered in the park with the eggs. Racheal has tried for as many years as she has hunted eggs to get one of those & finally got one this year. She was so excited!

Randall is working this weekend so Meemaw & D-dad are coming to help me Easter morning!

Racheal, Ryan, Reese, Rylie
Racheal's class at the park.

Ryan shaking hands with the easter bunny!
Reese, Ryan, Racheal, Rylie
Ryan after eating a yellow egg! He was sticky from head to toe!!!