Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally I have a chance to blog! Now lets see if I can remember everything! In the last month we have been busy around the house. Randall finally got shelves built in our storage building. I went through everything. It is now all organized & we now have tons of room in there! He also built some shelves in the carport next to the storage building. We have a small storage building in the garage that I am working on cleaning out & moving everything out there. I also got a wrought iron gate installed yesterday in the garage. I had a folding table propped up in the opening to keep the monkeys in & it had fallen a couple of times on little toes. It looks great! I have gotten all my flower beds planted & moved & now finished! We will be having a neighborhood garage sale next month! It will be a huge sale! I am getting rid of tons of stuff! Racheal is also going to have a lemonade stand & all he money is going to PEG!

And speaking of PEG, last weekend the playground equipment was installed! It is awesome!!!
I took Racheal to the ribbon cutting on Monday & she got to play on it. Then Tuesday, Kim & I took all the kids. They had a blast!

Congratulation to Kim & Ricky!!! He finally popped the question!!! I informed them they cannot get married until the triplets start school!! lol

The little kids are growing up more everyday! They are talking so much now! They love playing outside & they love taking a bath. Can't wait until we can get the pool out. I may never get them out of the water!

Ryan, Rylie, Reese

Rylie & Ryan
Racheal was asking to skip washing hair & I told her no & bossy Ms Reese was also telling her no!
It was so cute!!
Racheal & Amy. Finally got her bed in & got it finished & finished the bedding that matches Racheal's.

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