Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well all the kids have had snotty, nasty noses. Now Ryan has a horrible cough. They are getting so big! We have been spending lots of time outside. I think I am going to have to break out the pool, because it is already getting hot. Last weekend we walked down the road visiting neighbors that were outside. At one house there was a kitten & Ryan & Reese loved it. They chased it all over the place. Kim finally caught it & Ryan just loved on it! Rylie wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Then we walked to another neighbors house & visited the ducks, rabbits & dogs. Rylie like them much better. They were all behind bars!

Racheal is sooo tired. Yesterday she cried about everything. Only 2 more weeks of school. Yesterday they had a rodeo at school. Today her class has a popcorn party at the park. Her class raised the most money for the park in the Kindergarten class. Tomorrow is kindergarten round up & they get to sing for the kids. Next week they have field day on Thursday & field trip to the Abilene zoo. The entire family is going to venture out for this trip!

As for mommy & her health problems I had my hormones checked & everything was ok. So I was still had no answer as to why I am exhausted & having hot flashes. Randall changed one of my medicines & I am hoping that will help. We are thinking, that since I have lost 20 lbs & have been working out I have sent my body into shock & it is rebelling! Hopefully everything will straighten out soon! I have got to have some energy to keep up with all these kids this summer!
Reese, Ryan & Rylie
Reese & Rylie

Racheal with Reese's potty seat on her face. Yes it is brand new & has never been used. Thank goodness!
Ryan wearing the potty seat!
Ryan with part of Reese's potty chair on his head!
Racheal & Amy in their matching pj's!

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