Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thyroid update

I had my thyroid uptake scan yesterday. My thyroid is enlarged. The left more than the right. There were 2 possible cold spots, one on each side. I still have to wait for the official report from the dr, bu I went ahead and made an appointment with a specialist in Abilene for next Thursday.

Yesterday was Racheal's last day of gymnastics. She was really not liking it anymore & was pitching a huge fit every Tuesday. She was so excited to be finished. Tomorrow kindergarten has an easter egg hunt at the park & a picnic.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girls Day Out!

Friday Racheal & I had girls day out! We had so much fun! We went shopping, ate lunch at CiCi's! Then we went to the mall & got pedicures & Racheal also got a manicure. That was my first ever pedi! I know it is sad, but I see many more in my future! Then we went to Claire's & Racheal got her ears pierces! She picked crystal flowers. She was such a big girl. She did not even cry. We picked out 3 pairs of earrings for when she gets to take these out. She has already put in her request to everyone that she wants earrings for her birthday!
Racheal has been biting her nails for a very long time. She finally made up her mind she didn't want to bite them anymore. So I bought some polish that tastes bad for thumb suckers & biters. She is so excited her nails are finally growing out!
If you didn't know, I am on the Park Enhancement Group. We have just been formed for a few short months, but we have already ordered the first piece of new playground equipment for the park. It will be installed the day of Racheal's birthday party. Yeah great day. I won't even be able to help, because she also has another party to go to that day.

Reese was sick for 4 days last week while Randall was gone, of course! I wasn't real sure what is wrong. She has been running fever off & on. I called the doctors office & they said it could be a virus so just treat the fever. Randall had me start her on a antibiotic in case it was her throat or ears. I did & she started to feel a little bit better. When he got home it was her throat. The boys are doing great! Talking, taking toys away, running from, all the things boys do! Ryan always hides at nap time, but he is not real good at hiding yet! Rylie is may just be the perfect boy! He wants everything picked up! He is always the one that picks up every single toy. He picks up single tiny thing he finds on the floor & brings it to me & says "trash"! Let's hope for his future wife he stays this way! The boys call Racheal ochell. Reese is pronounce Reesey! Rylie has also been saying Ryan. They all are saying "I busted". The love their Kim especially Ryan. They also love her boyfriend Ricky! Don't know what we will do if Kim ever leaves us! Kim you know you can't do that until they start kindergarten!!! They love being outside! If you need me this summer I will be outside. So wish we had the money to put a large patio in the back. It would be so nice for them to ride their toys on. But no money so we will have to make do with the path through the garage!

This week Racheal started back to school from spring break! She was ready to go back. She said she was ready to see Mrs. Fishback. I hope she gets a teacher next year that she loves as much as Melinda! Next Saturday we have pictures with the easter bunny & Racheal has a birthday party! We have birthday parties every weekend for the next 4 weeks! Lots of partying!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jump, Jump, Jump!

Monday we went to the new jump place in Stephenville. All the kids had tons of fun! They had a toddler area. The kids would slide down & Randall would throw them back in. They laughed so hard! Racheal also had a great time. Several of her friends went also.

The trio is talking more & more everyday. The are also saying more & more phrases. Ryan has very good manners. He says bless you, thank you, your welcome, I sorry! He usually says them when he is suppose to without being told to. This Friday Racheal & I are having a big girls day. She is going to get her ears pierced. So look for new pictures this weekend.
Ryan trying to climb back up the slide.
Ryan & Rylie
Reese sliding down.
Ryan, Rylie & Reese sitting down.
Racheal is the blur at the bottom of the picture.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A day out with Thomas!

Yesterday we went to Grapevine. First stop was Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Everyone did great for the first 30 minutes. Then something happened Rylie decided to become terrified of the gorillas. He wouldn't eat. He was leaned over as far as he could towards me. I finally finished my food & held him facing away from the gorillas & he finished eating & then layed his head on me. Ryan LOVED them. He squealed everytime they went off. Reese could have cared less. She looked at them a few times, but didn't seem to interested in them. Next stop Thomas the train!
Racheal and Rylie

The trio had their first ride on a train. They did pretty well. Thank goodness it was a short ride. Then they got their picture made with Thomas. Racheal had to get some cotton candy. Then we headed to the gift shop & then she jumped on the Thomas bounce house. My only complaint about the Day out with Thomas was that there were many buildings with different things to do, but you could not take strollers in. Well you know with 3 two year olds that is extremely difficult. So Randall either sat outside with the trio or we just skipped it. We were exhausted, but had a great day.
Randall holding Ryan & Racheal. Shelley holding Rylie & Reese.
Reese, Rylie, Racheal, Ryan
Ryan, Rylie, Racheal & Reese with Thomas the train.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barron 3 Ring Circus!!!

Welcome to the greatest show on earth!!! Starring in the 3 rings:Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Special performance by Racheal the big sister clown & her side kick Reagan.

Rylie, Reese & Ryan.

I still can't believe my babies are 2!!!! We had a great party! Reese was not real happy about wearing the tutu! The loved being able to run around the house & not caged up in the living room! We still have tons of cake! Next year just one cake!!

check Linda's website to see their birthday pictures.

Next week is spring break for Comanche. We are going to Grapevine to see Thomas the train. I think they will love it. They are really into trains.

Also I don't think I ever said that I finally got my cabinets for the laundry room. Only 1 1/2 after we moved it. I stained them & they look great. I have so much storage! Maybe now we can get molding put down.
Yummy chocolate chip cookie the Easley's gave the kids.
All of the great babysitters we have had to help take care of the triplets! 1st time to ever have them all together.
Kim B holding Reese, Kim S holding Ryan, Kaylie holding Rylie & Racheal
Reagan & Racheal the clowns.
Jana helping Rylie open present.
Ryan & Reese
One of the balloons!
Racheal holding Kaleb Kim Sloans baby.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday pics

Rylie, Reese & Ryan ready for their cupcakes!

We had a great day Sunday. Went to church, ate lunch, triplets took a nap, then we had cupcakes. Then played outside for a little bit. We are getting ready for party day on Saturday!
The little kids had their doctor appointment yesterday. Ryan is the biggest 29 lbs 34", Rylie 28 lbs 33 1/2" and short stuff Reese 26 lbs 31 1/4". We don't have to go back until they are 3! Wow an entire year without going to the doctor. I almost feel normal!

But Mommy on the other hand has had lots of doctors appointments. I have had an enlarged thyroid ever since I had the triplets. Randall checked my thyroid & said I had secondary thyroid failure. But it is still enlarged so I went to see a local doctor & had a thyroid sono done. I have several cysts & nodules on my thyroid. So now I have to have a nuclear scan done. I have an appointment with the dr on Thursday to discuss this & hopefully set up an appoitment.