Sunday, March 14, 2010

A day out with Thomas!

Yesterday we went to Grapevine. First stop was Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Everyone did great for the first 30 minutes. Then something happened Rylie decided to become terrified of the gorillas. He wouldn't eat. He was leaned over as far as he could towards me. I finally finished my food & held him facing away from the gorillas & he finished eating & then layed his head on me. Ryan LOVED them. He squealed everytime they went off. Reese could have cared less. She looked at them a few times, but didn't seem to interested in them. Next stop Thomas the train!
Racheal and Rylie

The trio had their first ride on a train. They did pretty well. Thank goodness it was a short ride. Then they got their picture made with Thomas. Racheal had to get some cotton candy. Then we headed to the gift shop & then she jumped on the Thomas bounce house. My only complaint about the Day out with Thomas was that there were many buildings with different things to do, but you could not take strollers in. Well you know with 3 two year olds that is extremely difficult. So Randall either sat outside with the trio or we just skipped it. We were exhausted, but had a great day.
Randall holding Ryan & Racheal. Shelley holding Rylie & Reese.
Reese, Rylie, Racheal, Ryan
Ryan, Rylie, Racheal & Reese with Thomas the train.

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