Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8 months old!

Yesterday the babies were 8 months old. Oh my goodness it has gone by fast. Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. Racheal had a halloween party in Early at preschool & one in Dublin at dance yesterday. Last night Josie came over & took halloween pictures. Everyone was cranky (including mommy). Ryan did not have a nap yesterday afternoon & kept stiffening up when we would try to sit him up. Reese just screamed the entire time. Here is the link to the pictures: One of my favorites is the last one where everyone is asleep. Racheal was just pretending, but the other 3 were asleep. The are continueing to eat really well. Ryan is now the big eater. Rylie still doesn't like fruit. Right now we are going through 4 2-packs of baby food a day. Racheal has one more party tomorow & then trick or treating tomorrow night. Saturday I am having a garage sale with Tami (Thanks for volunteering your house!). Getting rid of all the baby clothes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The babies are eating so much better. Reese can out eat both of the boys. She opens her mouth wide & doesn't spit hardly any out. Rylie is still the messiest & spits a lot out. Ryan is getting better.
Rylie & Reese both sat up for about a minute this week before falling over. Rylie also learned how to shake his head no yesterday. It is so cute.

Tonight is the fall festival at church. Racheal is beyond excited! We are all going to be doctors. I will try to post a picture tomorrow.

They finished texturizing the laundry room yesterday & I got the ceiling painted this morning. Hopefully I can get a coat on the walls today & another coat tomorrow. The floor guy is coming Thursday. It is still going to be at least 6 weeks before the cabinet guy can start the cabines. So it will still be a while before the entire project is finished. But I will so glad when the floors are finished & we can move the washer & dryer into the laundry room.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My 4 miracle babies!!

Well I made a ton of baby food yesterday. It should last us about a week. I gave the babies green beans that I made last night & they did not like it at all. After I finally gave up and decided to give them bottles, Randall said store bought has starch as a thickener. So I should add corn syrup or apple sauce to make it a little sweet & they would probably eat it. So I will try that again today.

Yesterday I was reading on Triplet It is a great sight all about triplets. I have gotten a lot of great information there & it is a place you can actually feel normal. I was reading a story about a woman who was pregnant with triplets and at 22 weeks one of the babies water broke. The baby lived for an hour. There are a lot of women on there that were pregnant with triplets and only came home with 2 or even 1 baby. It really made me think. I was reminded what miracle babies we have!! First it was a miracle that I was even able to get pregnant with any of my kids. It is also a miracle that the triplets were able to make it inside me as long as they did. Then for all 3 of them to make it and to be healthy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Food

I finally started getting serious about feeding the babies food. We have just been trying a couple times a week when we had time. The last week I could tell the babies were hungry & very interested when they saw any of us eating. So they are still getting their 6 oz bottle in the mornings. They eat a veggie at lunch (each baby eats a jar) then they take 4 oz of formula. Then we do the same thing at supper. They still take 7 oz of formula with 4 tablespoons of cereal at bedtime. They are all quite impatient waiting on the food to get back to them. Reese & Ryan get tired of waiting & stick their hands in their mouth so we get very messy. So far we have tried squash, green beans, sweet potatoes & carrots. Ryan did not like green beans. I think this weekend I am going to make some baby food. I have been told it is much cheaper. We are already going through 6 jars a day & they aren't even eating that great yet!

We have more good news on the medical bills. The doctor bill has been written off. Most of the eye dr bill has also been written off except for $155. We are still waiting to hear from the Radiology bill & from Cook's. God has answered prayers!!!

Our laundry room change is progressing. The plumber has done his thing & hopefully the electrician is coming tomorrow. Racheal & I went and got the floor yesterday. Can't wait to get it down it is going to look so good. The sheet rock guy said he could do his part next week. After we get the flooring down in their, the washer & dryer can be moved into the new laundry room. Then we can get the flooring done in the kitchen, & old laundry room.

If anyone has baby sleepers that their kids have outgrown, let me know. The boys are wearing 12-18 months & Reese can wear some 6-9 mo or 12 month.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Racheal is a big helper!!!

Rylie, Racheal, Reese & Ryan

The last several days Racheal has been helping out with bottle feedings. She is doing a great job. Today we decided to try feeding the babies carrots. At first they made a bad face, but I kept shoving it in and they decided they liked it. The 3 of them ate 2 jars. Racheal fed Ryan since he is the best eater & I fed the other 2.

We finally got our computer back. I finished last years income tax. I know it is almost time to do it again!! I am finally posting new pictures!

Racheal feeding Rylie.

Racheal feeding Ryan

Racheal feeding Reese.

Racheal & Kim. Racheal is dressed up so she can dance with Dancing with the Stars!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Racheal fed Rylie

Racheal was so proud of herself. She fed Rylie his entire bottle yesterday. She did a great job. We did have to keep reminding her to hold the bottle up so he wasn't swallowing air.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things are looking up!

Since Harris wrote off our bill, I decided I would call all the other people we owe money to & see what they said. My anesthesiologist, the babies lab & x-rays all had me send them the letter from Harris & said they would write off the amount! I have faxed it to the doctors and they said they would let us know. The one letter from Harris could be a million dollar letter!!!

Rylie rolled from his back to his tummy today. He has been rolling to his side for quite a while, but that is as far as he would go.

A huge Blessing!

We received a letter Saturday from the hospital, but we were afraid to say anything about it until I could call today & make sure it was right. The hospitals charity committee approved us for 100% assistance. Which means we don't owe anything else to the hospital!!!!! The hospital was about half of our total medical bills. We still owe doctors, labs, eye doctor and Cook's. But having our Harris hospital bill payed is a hugh blessing!!

Randall's parents came yesterday & ripped out the closet & the shower in the bathroom. So now we are the search for a plumber to install the plumbing for the washer.

Rylie held his bottle last night almost the entire time!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally back to normal!

We are finally back in the living room!!! Yeah!!! They came and installed new pad & restretched the carpet Thursday morning. Then it was cleaned that afternoon. We moved back in yesterday. Today I have to finish cleaning out the bathroom so we can start tear stuff out tomorrow.

Ryan started holding his bottle some last Tuesday. The boys have gotten really jealous. If they see you pick up another baby, they start crying wanting to be picked up. If only I had a couple more arms!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It has been a crazy week!

I have dealt with getting estimates all week & trying to line up people to make repairs on our house & dealing with insurance! Fun, Fun, Fun! Tomorrow we are getting new pad & the carpet restretched. Friday they are coming to clean all the carpet that got wet. Saturday we get to move furniture back in. Yeah!!! I know many people have offered to help with the babies. If anyone can help Saturday that would be a huge help so we can get everything moved back faster.

The babies are doing great. The are still teething, but no teeth yet. Hopefully soon. If you could only hear them at this moment. All 3 are screaming!! And for no reason other than they are rotten. I promise I will post pictures when we get moved back in the living room and Randall gets everything hooked back up.