Wednesday, October 29, 2008

8 months old!

Yesterday the babies were 8 months old. Oh my goodness it has gone by fast. Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. Racheal had a halloween party in Early at preschool & one in Dublin at dance yesterday. Last night Josie came over & took halloween pictures. Everyone was cranky (including mommy). Ryan did not have a nap yesterday afternoon & kept stiffening up when we would try to sit him up. Reese just screamed the entire time. Here is the link to the pictures: One of my favorites is the last one where everyone is asleep. Racheal was just pretending, but the other 3 were asleep. The are continueing to eat really well. Ryan is now the big eater. Rylie still doesn't like fruit. Right now we are going through 4 2-packs of baby food a day. Racheal has one more party tomorow & then trick or treating tomorrow night. Saturday I am having a garage sale with Tami (Thanks for volunteering your house!). Getting rid of all the baby clothes.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures turned out sooo cute. I agree with you, the last one where they are sleeping is precious. Good luck on the garage sale, you are a brave woman!!!
Love ya,