Monday, October 20, 2008

My 4 miracle babies!!

Well I made a ton of baby food yesterday. It should last us about a week. I gave the babies green beans that I made last night & they did not like it at all. After I finally gave up and decided to give them bottles, Randall said store bought has starch as a thickener. So I should add corn syrup or apple sauce to make it a little sweet & they would probably eat it. So I will try that again today.

Yesterday I was reading on Triplet It is a great sight all about triplets. I have gotten a lot of great information there & it is a place you can actually feel normal. I was reading a story about a woman who was pregnant with triplets and at 22 weeks one of the babies water broke. The baby lived for an hour. There are a lot of women on there that were pregnant with triplets and only came home with 2 or even 1 baby. It really made me think. I was reminded what miracle babies we have!! First it was a miracle that I was even able to get pregnant with any of my kids. It is also a miracle that the triplets were able to make it inside me as long as they did. Then for all 3 of them to make it and to be healthy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are the mom of four beautiful miracles Shelley. You are truely blessed! Hugs to all of you.

Jill Power said...

Keep trying with the food...ours didn't like it at first either! Good luck!