Monday, June 29, 2009

New pictures!

Here is Ryan new hobby! You have to keep shorts on him or he jerks that diaper off!
We had a great anniversary. We stayed at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast in Brownwood. It was really nice & quiet. No tv's, no phones, no kids!!!!
Inside our cottage!
The bathroom at our cottage.

Racheal is taking swim lessons this week from Shelley Brawley. We have already made huge improvements from last year. Shelley tried to get her to jump in & she was scared so I got behind her & pushed her in.
Racheal finally went down the slide. The first time I had to grab her feet & pull her down. She got on & decided whe wasn't going down. The second time she went down by herself.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy anniversary!!!

Today is our 10 th anniversary!! Can you believe it has been 10 years? A lot has happened to us over the last 10 years, some great & some not so good, but we made it through it together!!! Randall's parents are coming so that we can go watch a move & stay at a bed & breakfast. Thanks Meemaw & D-dad!! Love ya Randall!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Racheal, Ryan, Reese & Rylie

Yesterday we went to the lake for the Abbey Reunion. Racheal had a blast on the slide. She went off the end a couple of times.

Uncle Jessie took Racheal out on her first boat ride! She had fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

vacation pictures

Reese, Racheal, Jonie Gruelle, Ryan & Rylie

Kim, Reese, Racheal, Ryan, Rylie outside the museum.

Racheal & her new friends at the dinner Friday night in Tuscola.
Racheal & her new best friend Erika.

This is a beautiful quilt! One raggedy friend made the appliques when she was dying from cancer. She gave it to another raggedy friend & her sister-in-law put it together in a quilt. It was amazing!!
These are 3 amazing Volland dolls! I have some similar to the ann & andy. The other is Uncle Clem with the original paper tag. He was going for the low price of $2600!

My Molly-E Raggedies that Randall bought me for our anniversary! I looked them up in the book and they are worth double what he paid for them!

All my Raggedy goodies I came home with!

This is what we came home to see! Our rock wall collapsed with all the rain.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We got home last night from vacation! What a week we had. I don't think we will be going on another vacation anytime soon. It was exhausting!! The first day after lunch, we noticed it was really warm in the van. The rear a/c was just blowing air-not cool air. We ran all over 2 towns trying to find a dodge dealership that works on Sprinter vans. We finally found that there was one in Little Rock. So the second morning we got up at 5 in the morning & headed to Little Rock! The said it was the compressor for the rear a/c, but they didn't have the part. They found it at a dealership close to Wisconsin. They shipped it to a dealership close to Arcola & Randall got up early on Friday & got it fixed! Thanks hone!!!
Back to the trip!! We arrived in Arcola on Thursday, first stop the Museum to see Joni & Tom. Then we were going to go to the other shops downtown, but it started pouring down rain. So we headed back to the hotel & I went shopping in the rooms! Friday we went to Tuscola & shopped there & had the Friendship Dinner. Saturday was the Friendship gathering. There were just a few booths & then we went shopping downtown & made one last visit to the Museum. We had fun & it was great to see all my Raggedy Friends. We are very thankful to Kim for coming with us. It would have been totally exhausting if had made the trip without her. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dr appointments

Today Kim & I took all 4 kids to the dr. Racheal had her 5 year check up. She is now 72 lbs & is 46 3/4 inches tall. She is doing great except she didn't do very well on her vision screening. So we have to go to the eye dr before school starts. Ryan is still the biggest 24 lbs 3 oz & 31 inches, Rylie 23 lbs 13.5 oz, 30 1/4 inches, Reese is 22 lbs 8.5 oz, 28 1/2 inches. Everyone is doing great. They got 1 vaccine today. After the dr we went to McDonalds. We leave next Tuesday for Arcola, IL for a Raggedy Ann get together. Kim is going with us so we won't be totally exhausted.