Friday, June 19, 2009

vacation pictures

Reese, Racheal, Jonie Gruelle, Ryan & Rylie

Kim, Reese, Racheal, Ryan, Rylie outside the museum.

Racheal & her new friends at the dinner Friday night in Tuscola.
Racheal & her new best friend Erika.

This is a beautiful quilt! One raggedy friend made the appliques when she was dying from cancer. She gave it to another raggedy friend & her sister-in-law put it together in a quilt. It was amazing!!
These are 3 amazing Volland dolls! I have some similar to the ann & andy. The other is Uncle Clem with the original paper tag. He was going for the low price of $2600!

My Molly-E Raggedies that Randall bought me for our anniversary! I looked them up in the book and they are worth double what he paid for them!

All my Raggedy goodies I came home with!

This is what we came home to see! Our rock wall collapsed with all the rain.

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