Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easter & Racheal's first Softball Game!E

We started the Easter weekend off with the 1st grade egg hunt at school on Thursday. There were eggs everywhere! Then off to the egg hunt at the park and Racheal's first coach pitch softball game. She struck out but she is having fun & that's all that matters. The kids all got a ton of eggs. This is the first year the trio have actually understood what to do. Then Sunday, we had to get up & check out what the easter bunny had brought us. We had a bad storm the night before so the bunny left us a note with the bag of eggs. He said mommy could hide them because when he came it was storming really bad! So we got everyone dressed and headed to church. Again a ton of eggs & everyones easter baskets were over flowing. Reese won the grand prize and got another easter basket full of goodies. We came home ate lunch and I hid the eggs the easter bunny left.
1st grade egg hunt

Racheal's class

Go Force!

Rylie, Ryan, Racheal, Reese at egg hunt at the park before Racheal's game.

The Easter bunny came!

JB bear

Ryan, Reese & Rylie checking out their baskets!

Rylie, Reese, Racheal & Ryan ready for church.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Racheal!!

 So I am very behind again!! So here is Racheal's birthday post! Still can't believe Racheal is 7 years old! How did that happen?? Seems like yesterday, I was making those daily trips to Bedford trying to get pregnant with her! On Friday after her birthday, Barb, Jana, Julie & Natalie came to see us. We also had 3 of Racheal's good friends over and had a small party. She had a pink zebra cake & LOVED it! On Saturday, she ran Drew's Dash 5k with cousin JuJu. They did great! Then we headed to Stephenville for her party with 2 of her friends. The 3 of them all have birthdays within a few days of each other so they had a group party this
The day before Racheal's birthday I gave her an early birthday present...a mirror/jewelry box that I painted for her!

Ryan, Natalie, Rylie, Racheal, Reagan, Reese, Makenna, Kenzey

Make a wish!

4 CRAZY girls!
Jana holding, Natalie, Reese & Ryan

Julie & Racheal crossing the finish line!



Mika & Reese

Sterling & Racheal

Rylie & Reese

The 3 birthday girls: Emily, Racheal, Grace!
Justin Bieber cd!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun trips!!

Kim and I took the little kids along for the 1st grade field trip. They finally got to go to the Abilene Zoo. Last year they got there & couldn't get off the bus because it was raining and lightning. The kids had fun. We let them walk this time and the temp wasn't bad until close to the end. After the zoo when went to Gatti's for pizza and games.  The next day Racheal's Girl scout troop went fishing. The kids had tons of fun. That night was Comanche's prom and of course Racheal had to go!!
The pink birds are Reese's favorite!

The fish they fed.

Rylie, Reese, Ryan & Racheal

Reese, Rylie & Ryan
Hope, Gabby & Racheal
Racheal & Kenzey

Grace, Racheal, Kenzey, Reagan, Laila

Racheal's favorite animal!

Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal with the giraffe.

Ryan, Harper, Reese, Cooper & Rylie

Racheal & Rylie

Ryan & Rylie with their teeth they got at Gatti's

Racheal ready to go to the prom!