Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun trips!!

Kim and I took the little kids along for the 1st grade field trip. They finally got to go to the Abilene Zoo. Last year they got there & couldn't get off the bus because it was raining and lightning. The kids had fun. We let them walk this time and the temp wasn't bad until close to the end. After the zoo when went to Gatti's for pizza and games.  The next day Racheal's Girl scout troop went fishing. The kids had tons of fun. That night was Comanche's prom and of course Racheal had to go!!
The pink birds are Reese's favorite!

The fish they fed.

Rylie, Reese, Ryan & Racheal

Reese, Rylie & Ryan
Hope, Gabby & Racheal
Racheal & Kenzey

Grace, Racheal, Kenzey, Reagan, Laila

Racheal's favorite animal!

Ryan, Rylie, Reese & Racheal with the giraffe.

Ryan, Harper, Reese, Cooper & Rylie

Racheal & Rylie

Ryan & Rylie with their teeth they got at Gatti's

Racheal ready to go to the prom!

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