Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catch up time....Spring Break

Here I go again trying to play catch up. I will start with spring break. Racheal got sick that Sunday night with the stomach virus. She was better on Monday so we went to the kids first circus in Brownwood. We were not impressed! Then Racheal got sick again & she was soooo sick. Rylie & Ryan also both got it, but they had a very mild case! Thank goodness! At the end of the week we finally got to go to Meemaw & D-dad's ranch. The kids had fun. I also got a break & went into town to Walmart...kid free!
Rylie, Reese, Kim & Ryan ready for the circus!

Racheal eating popcorn at the circus.

Rylie laughing!
Rylie's favorite hiding spot!

Rylie (Buz), Reese (Minnie), & Ryan (Buzz)

Rylie & Reese wearing scarves that were Mama's.
Ryan, Reese & Rylie playing in mommy & daddy's bed.
Rylie (orange), Racheal (on the couch), Ryan (blue) & Reese watching cartoons.

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