Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010 & end of soccer

October 30th was a busy day for us. Racheal had her last soccer game that morning and then awards after lunch.  Kim, Jonathan & Kaleb came & watched. Kaleb is getting so big! The little kids loved playing with him!
 Lil' Rascals after their last game!
  Rylie, Kaleb, Ryan & Reese watching Racheal play.
Racheal & Kaleb

Racheal & Coach Allan

Racheal with her soccer trophy!

After the awards we headed home for a little rest before the big night of trick or treating & fall festival at church! The all had a blast. This was the first year the little kids knew what was going on. After our first stop at the Easley's they kept saying more candy!  We made it around the square & then went to Grand-dad's. We had to empty their baskets because they were full. Then we headed to church for the fall festival. We had a wonderful turnout! The kids had fun and mommy & daddy were exhausted!!

Reese, Ryan, Rylie, Racheal
Racheal box of crayons
Rylie red crayon
Reese yellow crayon
Ryan blue crayon
Ryan & Reese having a tea party!

Reese, Ryan & Rylie watching their favorite cartoon-Mickey Mouse!
Ryan & Racheal--he climbs on the end of the kitchen & says he is on his fire truck!
Everynight they have a group hug & kiss & then fall down. It is so cute!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our 1st 5k!!!

Racheal and I were in our first 5k this past in OCtober. It was the Monster Mash 5k. We thought we were not going to get to do it because it rained all afternoon, but about 45 minutes before it started it quit raining and the sun came out. We walked & ran some. When we were almost back to the Jr High Racheal said "Mom we almost made it & we did fall over!" We were the last ones to finish and Racheal received a trophy for being the last person to cross the finish line. We finished in 48 minutes which I thought was really good. All our friends were cheering for Racheal as she crossed the finish line. One friend said she had her arms up in the air as she crossed the finish line. I was so proud of her. She gets extra points in the Miller Club in PE for doing it. We were both very sore, but glad we did it. She wants to do another one in the spring, but I told her we need to train for that one!

Sorry this is late & the pictures I have are on my cell phone & haven't had time to figure out how to get them on here!