Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Food

I finally started getting serious about feeding the babies food. We have just been trying a couple times a week when we had time. The last week I could tell the babies were hungry & very interested when they saw any of us eating. So they are still getting their 6 oz bottle in the mornings. They eat a veggie at lunch (each baby eats a jar) then they take 4 oz of formula. Then we do the same thing at supper. They still take 7 oz of formula with 4 tablespoons of cereal at bedtime. They are all quite impatient waiting on the food to get back to them. Reese & Ryan get tired of waiting & stick their hands in their mouth so we get very messy. So far we have tried squash, green beans, sweet potatoes & carrots. Ryan did not like green beans. I think this weekend I am going to make some baby food. I have been told it is much cheaper. We are already going through 6 jars a day & they aren't even eating that great yet!

We have more good news on the medical bills. The doctor bill has been written off. Most of the eye dr bill has also been written off except for $155. We are still waiting to hear from the Radiology bill & from Cook's. God has answered prayers!!!

Our laundry room change is progressing. The plumber has done his thing & hopefully the electrician is coming tomorrow. Racheal & I went and got the floor yesterday. Can't wait to get it down it is going to look so good. The sheet rock guy said he could do his part next week. After we get the flooring down in their, the washer & dryer can be moved into the new laundry room. Then we can get the flooring done in the kitchen, & old laundry room.

If anyone has baby sleepers that their kids have outgrown, let me know. The boys are wearing 12-18 months & Reese can wear some 6-9 mo or 12 month.

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Jill Power said...

Congrats on the medical bills! Hang in there with the baby food--it does get easier!