Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thyroid update

I had my thyroid uptake scan yesterday. My thyroid is enlarged. The left more than the right. There were 2 possible cold spots, one on each side. I still have to wait for the official report from the dr, bu I went ahead and made an appointment with a specialist in Abilene for next Thursday.

Yesterday was Racheal's last day of gymnastics. She was really not liking it anymore & was pitching a huge fit every Tuesday. She was so excited to be finished. Tomorrow kindergarten has an easter egg hunt at the park & a picnic.

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Tina said...

Hi Shelly, will keep you in my prayers that all is alright with your thyroid. Yes, would love to get together sometime! There's also a mom in Hamilton with triplets (born a month after mine) and a quad mom in Meridian, her 4 boys just turned one. We will have to have one big MOM playdate!