Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday pics

Rylie, Reese & Ryan ready for their cupcakes!

We had a great day Sunday. Went to church, ate lunch, triplets took a nap, then we had cupcakes. Then played outside for a little bit. We are getting ready for party day on Saturday!
The little kids had their doctor appointment yesterday. Ryan is the biggest 29 lbs 34", Rylie 28 lbs 33 1/2" and short stuff Reese 26 lbs 31 1/4". We don't have to go back until they are 3! Wow an entire year without going to the doctor. I almost feel normal!

But Mommy on the other hand has had lots of doctors appointments. I have had an enlarged thyroid ever since I had the triplets. Randall checked my thyroid & said I had secondary thyroid failure. But it is still enlarged so I went to see a local doctor & had a thyroid sono done. I have several cysts & nodules on my thyroid. So now I have to have a nuclear scan done. I have an appointment with the dr on Thursday to discuss this & hopefully set up an appoitment.

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