Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barron 3 Ring Circus!!!

Welcome to the greatest show on earth!!! Starring in the 3 rings:Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Special performance by Racheal the big sister clown & her side kick Reagan.

Rylie, Reese & Ryan.

I still can't believe my babies are 2!!!! We had a great party! Reese was not real happy about wearing the tutu! The loved being able to run around the house & not caged up in the living room! We still have tons of cake! Next year just one cake!!

check Linda's website to see their birthday pictures.

Next week is spring break for Comanche. We are going to Grapevine to see Thomas the train. I think they will love it. They are really into trains.

Also I don't think I ever said that I finally got my cabinets for the laundry room. Only 1 1/2 after we moved it. I stained them & they look great. I have so much storage! Maybe now we can get molding put down.
Yummy chocolate chip cookie the Easley's gave the kids.
All of the great babysitters we have had to help take care of the triplets! 1st time to ever have them all together.
Kim B holding Reese, Kim S holding Ryan, Kaylie holding Rylie & Racheal
Reagan & Racheal the clowns.
Jana helping Rylie open present.
Ryan & Reese
One of the balloons!
Racheal holding Kaleb Kim Sloans baby.

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