Monday, April 19, 2010

Racheal's 6th birthday party!

This past Saturday was Racheal's 6th birthday party. It was at Our House of Hair. All the girls got their hair fixed & their toenails painted. Racheal said it was the best party she ever had. She got tons of makeup, nail polish, lotions, bath wash & earrings. She is set for a long time & those are all her favorite things!!! She got an American Girl doll from us. When she opened it she was so excited. She said "It's what I always wanted. What is it called again!" She has brushed her hair & changed her clothes. I made her a comforter & a pillow for the doll that match Racheal's.

My aunt Barb, Jana & Natalie came on Thursday. After they got here went to take bluebonnet pictures.

Be sure to read a couple of posts back. I added in a post that I never got around to finishing & wanted them to be in the right order! Be ready for picture overload on this one too!!!
Racheal blowing out her candles! Still can't believe there were 6 candles!!
Racheal opening the wallet from Kim & Ricky. She really wanted that wallet!
Opening her American Girl doll. She named her Amy!
Teleisha curling Racheal's hair.
Back of Racheal's hair.
Racheal getting her toe nails painted.
You can't see very well in the picture, but they have zebra stripes on them.
Racheal's cupcake party at school.
Racheal being Racheal!

Mr. Serious Rylie

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