Friday, August 22, 2008

1 year old!

I know you think I am crazy--They aren't a year old yet! One year ago today I had the IUI & the triplets were conceived. And Randall was not even there, just me and the nurse.

Here is an update on the triplets: Rylie has become quite the talker. His smile is the greatest. You can feel 2 teeth on the bottom & one on the top, but we don't think they are all the way through yet. Reese is finally starting to talk and smile more. She is teething also, but still can't feel anything. Ryan is a happy baby. He wakes up every morning in the best mood. He is always laughing. When laughs & smiles his whole face lights up. It is the best! He is also teething, but can't feel anything coming through yet. All 3 have really found their hands the past week they are grabbing things & also putting their thumbs in their mouths.

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