Monday, August 11, 2008

Triplet updates!

I forgot to post that all 3 babies are teething! Rylie had a bottom tooth poke through on 7/30. Now you can also feel one coming through on the top. So we are going through a lot of Tylenol & Ibuprofen right now. The boys are now wearing 6-9 month clothes & are wearing size 3 diaper. Reese wears 3-6 month clothes & some 6-9. She is wearing a 2 diaper. We go through a regular size can of formula a day & a box of oatmeal & rice cereal a week. The boys take 6 oz at each bottle & Reese takes 5 oz except at bedtime & she gets 6 oz. We feed them at 9:30. It is usually 10:30-11 before we finish feeding everyone. Reese is usually the first to wake up around 8. Sometimes she will sleep till 8:30 or 9, but not very often. Next to wake up is usually Rylie, then Ryan around 10. The are all talking & laughing more & more everyday. Ryan is very observant of everything going on around him. They love to watch Racheal sing & dance.

We are leaving Wednesday for San Antonio. Randall has a CME to go to on Thurs & Friday. We will head back home on Sunday. I have been working on getting everything we need together for the trip. Which with triplets is a lot of stuff: 2 packages of diapers, 5 cans of formula, bottled water, bottles, a ton of clothes, medicine, cereal (well you get the picture).

Thanks to those of you that gave us bottles you had. If anyone else has any Playtex drop in liner bottles 8 oz, we would really appreciate it. I will even pay you for them. We only have enough to make it 24 hrs. If I had a few extras it would be great! Also for our friends that live around here, if you could occasionally give me a call when you are headed to Walmart that would be great. We run out of the bottle liners & formula quite often & they are so much cheaper at Walmart than at the grocery store. It would be a huge help since I don't make it to a Walmart very often.

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