Friday, November 21, 2008

Pray for us!

Everyone please pray for our financial status. Randall is not getting to work much. This month he is having to work in Commerce which is 4 hrs away. We have to pay the IRS a very large amount by Dec 8 that we don't have. We have already been turned down on one loan that we tried to get. Even if we are approved for a loan I am not exactly sure where we will come up with the money to pay it back. It is taking every penny Randall makes to pay for the help I have to have with the house & the babies & their food & diapers. This has really stressed me out! Also if anyone has winter clothes that their kids have outgrown we could really use them. The boys are wearing 18 months & Reese wears 12 months.

Also the babies go back to the eye dr in Abilene Saturday. Randall's mom is coming to help me since Randall is in Commerce. Reese is still crossing her eye a little.

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