Sunday, November 9, 2008

I know it has been almost a week since I posted! We have been super busy around here. The new floors are almost finished. Hopefully tomorrow!!! I love them! Tomorrow Meemaw & D-dad are coming to help us paint the old laundry room (which is now a pantry area) & the breakfast area. The breakfast area has never been painted since we have been here.

Ryan sat up my himself for several minutes yesterday. He & Rylie are trying to crawl. They both pull their legs up under them & push, but don't raise their arms & head up. Won't be long! They are eating really well now. They don't make much of a mess now! They eat a meat, 3 veggies and a fruit. That is right 10 containers of food a day! They are still getting a bottle in the morning & at bedtime. They are also eating those Gerber puffs for snack. Rylie growls at you when you don't pay attention & feed him his snack fast enough.

I had a question asked: Do they like to lay by each other? They only time they lay by each other is when we put them in the floor. Sometimes they like it & sometimes they don't. They move around so much now someone usually turns & is kicking someone. They also already fight over toys.

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