Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well we made it to our NIGrad appointment. I had been told my another triplet mom that they were a waste of time & I agree. They didn't really do anything different than what our pedi does. So we probably won't be going to the next one. Then our plan was to go see my wonderful dr that helped me stay pregnant as long as I did, but he was on vacation. Then we went to the NICU. They were doing a lot of construction when we were in the hospital & they have most of it done. The hospital looks great. Anyway all of the nurses we wanted to see had the day off yesterday, so we didn't get to see anyone except the ladies at the front desk. Then we went to Babies R Us to find big car seat. Racheal & I found the ones we liked. Then came the task of loading 3 huge boxes onto a shopping cart. I made it, granted I couldn't see where I was going either. A super nice lady walked up to me as I was trying to make my way to the check out & she handed me a coupon for $25. She said here you need this worse than I do. Guess I looked pitiful with my 3 car seats! So probably after Christmas we will change them out. They are getting really heavy to carry & their feet hang off the ends.

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