Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well this year has been a very eventful year. We brought 3 of our beautiful babies into the world. It has also been a very difficult year. Seeing them so tiny & fragile in the hospital. The stress of having to take care of 3 tiny babies & financially taking care of them. In just a couple of months they will be 1 year old. I can not believe it. Mark your calendars for their birthday February 28th. We would like to invite everyone that has been a part of their lives in this amazing year. Whether you helped us out in those crazy first months or prayed for us we want you their to celebrate these 3 miracles that God gave us. We will also be having their baby dedication the next day at the church. It will be a big weekend!

Yesterday Ryan had another tooth come through on the top right. Now he has 3 teeth! He will be eating steak before long! He is also so close to crawling. Thanks to Meema for coming to help out yesterday. Racheal had the stomach virus the night before & yesterday. I was up all night with her. She slept all night last night so hopefully she is over it.

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