Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Bye Stomach Bug!!!!!

This has been a horrible week at our house. Racheal got the stomach virus Monday evening. Rylie got it Wednesday. Also Wednesday night Kim got it so she couldn't work Thursday while Randall was at work. So Randall's parents came on Thursday to help since Racheal was still not feeling very well & Rylie was still sick. Friday morning Randall got sick, Racheal still felt bad & was crying & wanting to be held. Rylie was also still sick. So I called Meemaw again. She came back & spent the night. Racheal is feeling better. She hasn't thrown up in 2 days & is actually eating today. Randall is feeling better, but still weak. So far Rylie has not thrown up since last night. But now Randall's dad is sick!

Ryan now has the top left tooth poking through. He now has 4 teeth. Everyone else is still toothless! Ryan is saying bubba & momma. Reese is dadda. Rylie can say momma & dadda, but doesn't say it very often. He just jabbers all the time.

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SCM said...

I had that virus last week, luckily after Christmas... it was absolutely horrible. Luckily I was the only one in our house to have it!