Sunday, January 18, 2009

More teeth!

Yesterday I was looking at the blog & trying to decide what I was going to write about. Not much happened this week. Just our usual eating, playing, diapers & a few naps. Then yesterday afternoon we were checking everyone's mouths. Ryan has 2 more top teeth. Now he has 4 on top & 2 on the bottom. Rylie finally has the bottom right tooth coming through. He already had 2 on the top. Reese still just has the 2 on the bottom.

Racheal has gotten back in her routine of all her activites. Please pray for one of her preschool teachers, Mrs. Shelley. She is having back surgery tomorrow in Dallas. Racheal & I finally got to go to MOPS last week also. It was great to see everyone & get 2 hours with other moms & no kids!!

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