Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 months!

The triplets are now 7 months old! I can't believe it. The are doing great. They have been really great through all the craziness in our house because of it flooding.

One year ago today is the day I had my second sonogram and found out there were 4 babies! My previous sono they thought they could see 2 babies so we went in thinking 1 or 2 babies. Dr. Doody started the sono, he started counting and then this isn't good. He said there are 4 gestational sacs. I said"are there babies in all of them." (When I got pregnant with Racheal I had 3 sacs, but 1 baby.) Dr. Doody said yes there are 4 babies. At that time 2 were smaller & we were told they probably wouldn't survive. When I went back 2 weeks later, I had lost one but the other small one was continuing to grow. We think the small one that survived is Reese. I came out of my little room & the entire clinic already knew about all my babies. Then we went next door to Chili's, Randall told them our news and they gave us our lunch for free! It was a crazy & shocking day that changed our lives forever!

Now for an update on our house. We had 9 huge & loud fans all over the house. Yesterday they took 5 out & hopefully today the rest will be taken out. They pulled the pad out of the living room so we have to get a new pad put down, the carpet restretched & cleaned. The bathroom, laundry room and kitchen all have water under the linoleum so it all has to be replaced. I had wanted to move the laundry room into the bathroom so since the floor is going to have to be replaced we are going to go ahead and move the laundry room. So next weekend Randall's parents are going to come help us rip out a closed and the shower. I am so glad the laundry is finally getting moved, but we really cannot afford to do all this right now with all the medical bills. So we are going to have to do it a step at a time which means my house is going to be a construction project for a while!! Thanks Jeanette for supper the day our house flooded!!


Anonymous said...

After last night I have a new and profound respect for you Shelley! My six month old grandson, Stephen and six and a half month old great grand son, James stayed with me last night. I only had two babies and was ready to call in reinforcements. Here is a picture of them FINALLY asleep on my chest after several attempts to get them down for the night. (Which did not last long because James was not feeling well.)

Shelley, you are my hero!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Sorry, could not get picture to post, will send it via email.