Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Flood!

We had a huge disaster today! We had a very small drip from our tankless hot water heater. The plumber came to fix it & left. I go to get a shower & there is not anything coming out of the hot water. I call the plumber & he says he forgot to turn the valve back on. How did he know he fixed the leak if he did not turn the water back on???? So I turn the water back on, hear the water heating up & go get a shower. I make it back to the kitchen & hear a loud noise, then step in water in the kitchen. I splash through water through the kitchen, laundry room, water soaked carpet in the living room & into the bathroom & turn the water off. Thanks to the Easley's for coming over & helping clean up & helping with the babies. The plumber came back & fixed the hot water heater. We hope!!! The insurance sent someone to come suck up all the water. We had to move a lot of the furniture out of the living room & the rest had to be moved to one side. The carpet was rolled up & he pulled the padding out. We have huge, loud fans everywhere. HE said it would take about 4 days to dry. Tomorrow they are coming to pull baseboards & drill holes in the walls to dry the walls out. Then we will have to get new pad & the carpet restretched. I was so hoping for hardwood floors!!! So we are living out of the playroom for a while.

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Summer said...

I hope the plumber atleast got an ugly look. That was the last thing you needed yesterday I'm sure. Hoping for fast drying walls and floors.