Monday, November 16, 2009

Another visit from the tooth fairy!

Racheal, Rylie, Ryan & Reese watching tv.

Racheal lost tooth number 2 Friday morning. She woke me up a little after 6 & said she lost her tooth. What possessed her to pull it out at 6 in the morning I don't know!!! She put it in her pillow & got $2 from the tooth fairy.

We have had all kinds of sickness going around here. Racheal had croup, Randall has a mild case of the flu, I had strep & now have horrible allergies. Ryan has something! He has had a runny nose, cough & occasional fever. I am so ready for everyone to be well again!

I did manage to get the Christmas tree up & all the decorations up inside. I have started on the outside. Hopefully I can get it all done by Thanksgiving.
Ryan, Reese & Rylie playing in the boxes.
Ryan tackling Reese.

1 comment:

Annie said...

They are so cute. Great pictures.

I think when my girls are older and loose their teeth and I'm going to use a fairy, it looks like fun.

Have a nice week.