Thursday, August 23, 2012

September - December 2011

Girl Scout trip to Dublin Dr. Pepper.
Rylie, Reese, Racheal, Ryan ready for soccer.

Racheal, Reese, Rylie, Ryan

Ryan (Mater), Reese (snow white) and Rylie (Jake)

Racheal the disco girl

Ryan, Rylie & Reese ready for Thanksgiving feast.

Reese, Rylie & Ryan at Ice.

Rylie, Racheal, Ryan & Reese at ICE

Racheal, Ryan, Reese & Rylie at Gaylord Texan.

Reese with Mrs. Jaime & Mrs. Margaret at Tuesday school



Reese, Racheal, Rylie & Ryan with our gingerbread house.

Racheal, Reese, Ryan & Rylie at church.

Ryan, Rylie & Reese at Rainbow dreams Christmas party.

Racheal & Mrs. Leohnard

Rylie, Ryan, Reese

Racheal got JB cd.

Reese, Racheal, Ryan & Rylie Christmas 2011

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