Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the hospital

I woke up around 3 this morning & was leaking fluid. We threw things in bags since I was waiting until after the shower this Saturday to finish packing & put it into the van. Thank you so much to Christy Meinecke for coming over & staying with Racheal until Meema could get there. You are a life saver!!! We went to Stephenville hospital & they said it was amniotic fluid & I was having contractions. They did a sono & the babies all still looked good & had fluid around them. So then we headed for Ft Worth. They said the fluid was coming from Baby A which is on the bottom. They gave me a Toradol injection & that stopped the contractions. I am on IV antibiotics. So looks like I am now a resident of Ft Worth for a while. Hopefully the fluid will stop leaking. As long as there is enough fluid they are staying put. The dr said our goal is to make it to 32 weeks (Iam 29 today), then if we make it that far, then we will shoot for 34 weeks. Please pray for us that I can keep them in there as long as possible. Also please pray for Racheal during this time. She is confused because this was not the plan.

Also for those of you in Comanche, the shower is still on. Racheal is going to open the presents & they are working on setting up a web cam so I can watch.

Thanks for your prayers!!


Ginger said...

Which FTW hospital? Are you allowed visitors?

We're thinking of you.

Take care.


Shelley said...

harris methodist-downtown. Yes visitors are welcome.

gayle said...

Shelley, you and babies are in our prayers. Know GOD will take care of both. Racheal is a very big sister to do the shower for Mom & babies. Blessings to all, Reg & Gayle

lani said...

You are all in our prayers and thoughts! You take care of yourself and just think - you will be meeting your precious little babies soon!

Much love,