Monday, February 18, 2008

We have a date!!

I had another dr's appointment today. The babies are getting big & crowded. Baby A weighed 2 lb 14 oz, B 2 lb 9 oz, C 2 lb 12 oz. The dr was amazed that I am still able to walk. I am carrying almost 9 lbs of baby & about 10 lbs of fluid & 3 placentas. It feels like a lot more. The c-section is scheduled for April 14th (2 days after Racheal's birthday). I have gained 40 lbs now. They did all the 28 week labs (I don't know exactly what that is), I also did the glucose test again & I got my Rhogam injection yesterday. That is because my blood type is negative. I go back to the dr March 3 & they will check my cervix to see if anything is happening yet. Only 8 more weeks!

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