Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eye exam

The triplets had another eye exam to check for ROP. The dr said they all looked great. We have to go back in a month & then he said he would turn us over to a pediatric eye dr. We have to take Reese to Cook's Friday to the cardiologist. They are going to check & see if the hole in her heart has closed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Long time no talk my computer has been down so Hannah & I have spent most of the morning catching up on the Barron Gang. You all are in our prayes daily & on our prayer list at church weekly. Tell Dr. Barron HI & not one thing has changed in good old Center, Tx except the VERY HIGH GAS PRICES!!. I hope that all continues to go well & you get a little rest everyonce & a while. Love & Prayers Jamie & Hannah Jamison