Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. Things are super busy around here. Last weekend was the Abbey Reunion. The triplets had their first trip to the lake. Randall had a great Father's Day. Racheal was so excited about Father's Day. She had made him something everyday for the past couple of weeks. Monday Racheal was crying with an ear infection & Rylie started having a cough. They are both doing better, but today Reese started coughing. Racheal has also been taking swim lessons this week. She didn't learn to swim, but she made a huge improvement from Tuesday. Tuesday she was going down the steps into the pool & missed a step & floated out where I could not reach her. She was floating & kicking, but her head went under for a second & it scared her. So she screamed for 30 minutes that she was not getting back in. Finally the teacher just grabbed her & took her in the water. Today she didn't wear floaties & actually went under the water.
I will try to post some new pictures this weekend.

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