Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 year since Rylie came home!

Happy Anniversary Rylie!!! One year ago today, the first baby came home. It was a busy weekend. Rylie came home on Friday. Racheal's party was Saturday morning & then we headed back to Ft Worth to see Reese & Ryan.

Rylie coming home April 11, 2008

Rylie's first trip to the park.

Rylie was trying to figure out that easter bunny!!!

Also my dad & Jerry were in an accident in Gatesville yesterday. Someone ran a red light & hit them on my dad's side. He refused to go to the hospital at the time. My father-in-law went & picked him up & brought him home. When he got back to Comanche, he decided to go to the ER because he was hurting. They said there was a problem with his heart & sent him to the VA in Temple. I talked to him this morning & they could not find anything. So Randall's dad is going to pick him up at the hospital & I am going to meet them in Jonesboro. Thanks D-dad. Also thanks to Kaylie for watching the kids so Randall could sleep. He has worked almost the entire week non-stop!

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