Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Party Racheal!

Today was Racheal's 5th birthday party. She had a great time. It was at Seal's Gymnastics in Early. She is now in Barbie heaven. She got a ton of barbie's. Thanks everyone for making her day special. Randall & I got her a trampoline. Randall's parents came yesterday to help him put it together. I kept Racheal inside & told her it was a surprise. When it was finished she could go see what it was. Well they were just about finished & she couldn't take it anymore. She got a stool & looked out the playroom window. She came running to me and said "I looked out the window & saw the trampoline!" In a very sneaky tone! You little sneak! So I took her outside to see it. She jumped until she couldn't jump anymore. As soon as she crawled out of bed this morning, that was the first thing she wanted to do.

We are all finally starting to feel better. I will try to get birthday pictures posted tomorrow!

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