Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of water fun & lots of burn!!!

Tuesday we went to Eastland to the water park. Both Kim's went with me & we also met some friends from church there also. Racheal & I had been there several times before. She actually went down the little slides this time. This was the first time the triplets had been there. They loved it! We walked all over that pool, especially Kim Ross. She had Reese & she wanted to go constantly. Ryan did not want to hold my hand so he fell & went under a couple of times, but he did not fuss a lot. We were out of our regular sunscreen & bought Coppertone for babies. Let's just say I do not recommend buy this EVER again! I threw my can in the trash. The triplets are sun burned under their eyes & the tops of their forearms. My back & shoulders are really sunburned. I haven't had a burn this bad since I was a kid. Thanks to my cousin Mary Beth for coming to our rescue & bringing me some biogel & a mister for biowater. It feels so much better. The babies also turned 17 months the day we went! I cannot believe they are already that old. We'll be having another party before you know it! Thanks Christy Brixey for the pictures since I forgot the camera.
Ryan, Reese & Rylie. Reese was trying to get away. She did not want to stand still for a picture!
Ryan & Rylie
Shelley, Ryan, Kim Burks, Rylie, Kim Ross, Reese.
Racheal inching her way down the slide!

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