Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racheal's room!

When Racheal turned 25 (I mean 5)!! She decided princesses were for babies & wanted her room redone. She decided she wanted polka dots. It has taken a couple of months, but it is finally finished. It is really cute & should last her a long time!! Her comforter is also reversible so if she get's tired of the polka dots, she can flip it over to stripes.

Here are before pictures:

Racheal's new room:

New window & new bench.
Closet doors now magnetic board.
Racheal's new bed & new comforter & pillows. D-dad also made her steps so she could get on her bed. It is really tall.

She also had her first eye appointment yesterday. She did not do very well with the eye test at her last doctors appointment. He said her left eye was a little weaker, but not that much & she probably would not even be able to tell a difference with glasses. So yeah!!! No glasses yet!

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