Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy, Busy!!

Racheal, Rylie, Reese & Ryan
Racheal with the first pumpkin we have ever carved!

I know I have not been a very good blogger here lately. We have been super busy! Racheal went on her first field trip last week. They went to Tarleton to a play & then to the park for a picnic. They also had their fun run last week at school. She came in 3 rd to last! Bless her heart she runs like her mom!! But she got a ribbon so she was ok with that! Friday all the kids got to go to the pep rally at the football field. My aunt Barb, Jana & Natalie came & we all went. Saturday we did pictures with the pumpkins after lunch, then that afternoon did pictures in their halloween costumes at the football field. The trips had a blast! Wide open field & they ran until they could not run anymore!!! Thank goodness Kim came & helped me! We were both exhausted!!

The trips love going outside! They go to the door & say side. The boys are talking more & more! Rylie says ok, cookie, uh oh, bye bye, dadda, momma. Rylie has also decided he is the boss & tells his siblings no & shakes his finger at them. It is pretty fun. Ryan says bubba, sissy, coocoo (cookie), uh oh, scoose me (excuse me), nite nite, momma no. Reese talks some but most of hers is in Japanese!! When I come home from taking or getting Racheal to school, they all say hi!!! It is too cute! Ryan is still the most loving & caring. When he sees someones cup on the floor he takes it to them. He kisses, his siblings all the time. If you tell Rylie I love you then he will usually give you kisses. They love to chase each other around the couch.

Racheal, Rylie & Ryan playing in the garage! Rylie loves the slide! He usually slides & then claps for himself!
Rylie after we gave him a haircut! We cut off all his curls! That boy has a ton of hair!!

Racheal & Reese

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Annie said...

Your kids are beautiful. God bless them.