Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally an update!!

I know I am behind on posting! It has been really busy around here. Last weekend was the Comanche Pow-Wow. I entered 2 of Racheal's paintings in the art show & her giraffe painting won 1st place for her age group & her shaggy dog painting won honorable mention. She was so excited. I even took all the kids that morning to the Pow-wow. Man was it hot & this momma was very tired. We came home put the trips to bed & headed back so Racheal could do some of the things she wanted to do. This week I have been working on our garage sale. I have been cleaning out & getting rid of stuff. Plus we have tons of baby clothes to get rid of. Well the garage sale was a big success! We made a good amount of money and got rid of a lot of stuff. We are now down to 1 tub of baby clothes!!! Now the carport is fixed up so we can take the trips outside & play & they can't run off!! At least not until they figure out they can push on the barrier or crawl under it. They loved it yesterday! They were so excited to be out there!

Ryan & Rylie watching tv!
Ryan pushing Rylie & Reese.
Rylie standing on the 4 wheeler.
Reese having fun outside
Ryan on the slide

Ryan with his great smile!!!

Rylie pushing Reese.

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Annie said...

Congratulations to Rachel!!!

I like to see pictures of siblings playing or just watching t.v., so cute.