Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another first!!

Mommy decided to be brave and take the triplets to their first trip to the grocery store! I know they are 18 months & have never been to the grocery store! They did great! They were really quiet & looked at everything. The boys tried to grab stuff a couple of times, but all in all were very good. By the way 8 in the morning is the time to go to the grocery store!!

Ryan, Rylie & Reese

The boys are both teething. Rylie has been waking up really early! Yesterday I looked in Ryan's mouth & he has 15 teeth & another trying to come in. I couldn't believe it. Had no idea he had that many teeth. Rylie has 8, but is working on 4 more. Reese still has 7. Ryan is ready for that steak!!! Ryan is still being his loving self. He gives his brother & sister kisses all the time. He picks up snacks & feeds them. If he sees their cup on the floor he takes it to them. Rylie is my big helper. At meal time I tell him to bring me everyones cups & most of the time he does. Sometimes he likes to play keep away from mommy. He is also a big helper when it is time to pick up toys.
Racheal is still loving school. She is really tired by the end of the week. She and Randall sang at church Sunday. They did a great job!


The Lane Family said...

Until you have multiples you never understand why people put off grocery shopping with all of them....I am glad they did great and that they are getting all those teeth!!

Annie said...

So glad you had a great time with the kids at the grocery store.