Saturday, September 5, 2009

18 month check up

Thursday we had the triplets 18 month check up. Rylie is 25 lb 8 oz, 31 1/2", Reese 24 lbs 8 oz, 30", Ryan 26 lbs 4 oz, 32". We got 9 shots all together. We will have to go back in October to get the swine flu shot. Dr Miller said they are doing wonderful & have now caught up to full term babies!! Yeah!!! We don't go back until after their 2nd birthday!

Racheal went to her best friends house yesterday & when I picked her up she showed me she has her first loose tooth!! It is the bottom left fron tooth. You can already see the other tooth coming in behind it. So she is working on wiggling it all the time. She is so excited she is getting a big girl tooth!! Good thing we bought that tooth fairy pillow a few weeks ago!!

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