Monday, September 7, 2009

1st tooth!

Racheal lost her first tooth today! She was determined to loose it today so the tooth fairy could come. She had been wiggling all morning long. When Randall got up she asked him to pull it. He tried, but said she needed to work on it some more. She worked on it some more & then she told him to pull it again. So he got forceps & pulled on it. She said it hurt & he quit. It bled so she did not want him to pull on it anymore. About an hour later, she came to me & said "mom what happened to my tooth??" Evidently when he pulled it with the forceps he got it out & it was just sitting there. I sent her to her daddy & he pulled it out. She was so excited & had to call everyone!!! She already has it in her tooth fairy pillow! As you can tell in the picture, the other tooth is already coming in.

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